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Lazarus Lazarus

"No, Mary, there was nothing -- not a word.Nothing, and always nothing. Go againYourself, and he may listen -- or at leastLook up at you, and let you see his eyes.I might as well have been the sound of rain,A wind among the cedars, or a bird;Or nothing. Mary, make him look at you;And even if he should say that we are nothing,To know that you have heard him will be something.And yet he loved us, and it was for loveThe Master gave him back. Why did He waitSo long before He came? Why did He weep?I... Poems - Post by : Woody - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1712

The Old King's New Jester The Old King's New Jester

The Old King's New Jester
You that in vain would front the coming orderWith eyes that meet forlornly what they must,And only with a furtive recognitionSee dust where there is dust, --Be sure you like it always in your faces,Obscuring your best graces,Blinding your speech and sight,Before you seek again your dusty placesWhere the old wrong seems right.Longer ago than cave-men had their changesOur fathers may have slain a son or two,Discouraging a further dialecticRegarding what was new;And after their unstudied admonitionOccasional contritionFor their old-fashioned waysMay have reduced their doubts, and in additionSoftened their final days.Farther away than feet shall ever travelAre the vague towers of... Poems - Post by : donndarcy - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1505

An Evangelist's Wife An Evangelist's Wife

An Evangelist's Wife
"Why am I not myself these many days,You ask? And have you nothing more to ask?I do you wrong? I do not hear your praiseTo God for giving you me to share your task?"Jealous -- of Her? Because her cheeks are pink,And she has eyes? No, not if she had seven.If you should only steal an hour to think,Sometime, there might be less to be forgiven."No, you are never cruel. If once or twiceI found you so, I could applaud and sing.Jealous of -- What? You are not very wise.Does not the good Book tell... Poems - Post by : Dale_Woodland - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1991

Late Summer Late Summer

Late Summer
(Alcaics)Confused, he found her lavishing feminineGold upon clay, and found her inscrutable; And yet she smiled. Why, then, should horrorsBe as they were, without end, her playthings?And why were dead years hungrily telling herLies of the dead, who told them again to her? If now she knew, there might be kindnessClamoring yet where a faith lay stifled.A little faith in him, and the ruinousPast would be for time to annihilate, And wash out, like a tide that washesOut of the sand what a child has drawn there.God, what a shining handful of happiness,Made out of days and out of eternities,... Poems - Post by : supportb - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2220

Peace On Earth Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth
He took a frayed hat from his head,And "Peace on Earth" was what he said."A morsel out of what you're worth,And there we have it: Peace on Earth.Not much, although a little moreThan what there was on earth before.I'm as you see, I'm Ichabod, --But never mind the ways I've trod;I'm sober now, so help me God."I could not pass the fellow by."Do you believe in God?" said I;"And is there to be Peace on Earth?""Tonight we celebrate the birth,"He said, "of One who died for men;The Son of God, we say. What then?Your God, or mine? I'd... Poems - Post by : smiler - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2374

Nimmo Nimmo

Since you remember Nimmo, and arriveAt such a false and florid and far drawnConfusion of odd nonsense, I conniveNo longer, though I may have led you on.So much is told and heard and told again,So many with his legend are engrossed,That I, more sorry now than I was then,May live on to be sorry for his ghost.You knew him, and you must have known his eyes, --How deep they were, and what a velvet lightCame out of them when anger or surprise,Or laughter, or Francesca, made them bright.No, you will not forget such eyes, I think, --And you say nothing of... Poems - Post by : Braley - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1994

Rahel To Varnhagen Rahel To Varnhagen

Rahel To Varnhagen
Note. -- Rahel Robert and Varnhagen von Ense were married, after many protestations on her part, in 1814. The marriage -- so far as he was concerned, at any rate -- appears to have been satisfactory. Now you have read them all; or if not all,As many as in all conscience I should fancyTo be enough. There are no more of them --Or none to burn your sleep, or to bring dreamsOf devils. If these are not sufficient, surelyYou are a strange young man. I might live onAlone, and for another forty years,Or not quite forty, --... Poems - Post by : raullery - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 3792

The Rat The Rat

The Rat
As often as he let himself be seenWe pitied him, or scorned him, or deploredThe inscrutable profusion of the LordWho shaped as one of us a thing so mean --Who made him human when he might have beenA rat, and so been wholly in accordWith any other creature we abhorredAs always useless and not always clean.Now he is hiding all alone somewhere,And in a final hole not ready then;For now he is among those over thereWho are not coming back to us again.And we who do the fiction of our shareSay less of rats and rather more of men.(The end)Edwin Arlington... Poems - Post by : jack05 - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 3886

Inferential Inferential

Although I saw before me there the faceOf one whom I had honored among menThe least, and on regarding him againWould not have had him in another place,He fitted with an unfamiliar graceThe coffin where I could not see him thenAs I had seen him and appraised him whenI deemed him unessential to the race.For there was more of him than what I saw.And there was on me more than the old aweThat is the common genius of the dead.I might as well have heard him: "Never mind;If some of us were not so far behind,The rest of us were... Poems - Post by : Ghostdog - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2961

The New Tenants The New Tenants

The New Tenants
The day was here when it was his to knowHow fared the barriers he had built betweenHis triumph and his enemies unseen,For them to undermine and overthrow;And it was his no longer to foregoThe sight of them, insidious and serene,Where they were delving always and had beenLeft always to be vicious and to grow.And there were the new tenants who had come,By doors that were left open unawares,Into his house, and were so much at homeThere now that he would hardly have to guess,By the slow guile of their vindictiveness,What ultimate insolence would soon be theirs.(The end)Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem: New... Poems - Post by : mrushing - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2723

Firelight Firelight

Ten years together without yet a cloud,They seek each other's eyes at intervalsOf gratefulness to firelight and four wallsFor love's obliteration of the crowd.Serenely and perennially endowedAnd bowered as few may be, their joy recallsNo snake, no sword; and over them there fallsThe blessing of what neither says aloud.Wiser for silence, they were not so gladWere she to read the graven tale of linesOn the wan face of one somewhere alone;Nor were they more content could he have hadHer thoughts a moment since of one who shinesApart, and would be hers if he had known.(The end)Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem: Firelight... Poems - Post by : NickBateson - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 3998

Souvenir Souvenir

A vanished house that for an hour I knewBy some forgotten chance when I was youngHad once a glimmering window overhungWith honeysuckle wet with evening dew.Along the path tall dusky dahlias grew,And shadowy hydrangeas reached and swungFerociously; and over me, amongThe moths and mysteries, a blurred bat flew.Somewhere within there were dim presencesOf days that hovered and of years gone by.I waited, and between their silencesThere was an evanescent faded noise;And though a child, I knew it was the voiceOf one whose occupation was to die.(The end)Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem: Souvenir... Poems - Post by : aWebPro - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1781

A Song At Shannon's A Song At Shannon's

A Song At Shannon's
Two men came out of Shannon's having knownThe faces of each other for as longAs they had listened there to an old song,Sung thinly in a wastrel monotoneBy some unhappy night-bird, who had flownToo many times and with a wing too strongTo save himself, and so done heavy wrongTo more frail elements than his alone.Slowly away they went, leaving behindMore light than was before them. Neither metThe other's eyes again or said a word.Each to his loneliness or to his kind,Went his own way, and with his own regret,Not knowing what the other may have heard.(The end)Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem:... Poems - Post by : gregw - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2800

Tasker Norcross Tasker Norcross

Tasker Norcross
"Whether all towns and all who live in them --So long as they be somewhere in this worldThat we in our complacency call ours --Are more or less the same, I leave to you.I should say less. Whether or not, meanwhile,We've all two legs -- and as for that, we haven't --There were three kinds of men where I was born:The good, the not so good, and Tasker Norcross.Now there are two kinds." "Meaning,... Poems - Post by : falconforce - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2246

London Bridge London Bridge

London Bridge
"Do I hear them? Yes, I hear the children singing -- and what of it?Have you come with eyes afire to find me now and ask me that?If I were not their father and if you were not their mother,We might believe they made a noise. . . . What are you -- driving at!""Well, be glad that you can hear them, and be glad they are so near us, --For I have heard the stars of heaven, and they were nearer still.All within an hour it is that I have heard them calling,And though I pray for them... Poems - Post by : flashzoe - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2718

Archibald's Example Archibald's Example

Archibald's Example
Old Archibald, in his eternal chair,Where trespassers, whatever their degree,Were soon frowned out again, was looking offAcross the clover when he said to me:"My green hill yonder the sun goes downWithout a scratch, was once inhabitedBy trees that injured him -- an evil trashThat made a cage, and held him while he bled."Gone fifty years, I see them as they wereBefore they fell. They were a crooked lotTo spoil my sunset, and I saw no timeIn fifty years for crooked things to rot."Trees, yes; but not a service or a joyTo God or man, for they were thieves of... Poems - Post by : padin - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1355

The False Gods The False Gods

The False Gods
"We are false and evanescent, and aware of our deceit,From the straw that is our vitals to the clay that is our feet.You may serve us if you must, and you shall have your wage of ashes, --Though arrears due thereafter may be hard for you to meet."You may swear that we are solid, you may say that we are strong,But we know that we are neither and we say that you are wrong;You may find an easy worship in acclaiming our indulgence,But your large admiration of us now is not for long."If your doom is to adore us with a... Poems - Post by : cheemo - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 2740

Demos Ii Demos Ii

Demos Ii
So little have you seen of what awaits Your fevered glimpse of a democracy Confused and foiled with an equalityNot equal to the envy it creates,That you see not how near you are the gates Of an old king who listens fearfully To you that are outside and are to beThe noisy lords of imminent estates.Rather be then your prayer that you shall have Your kingdom undishonored. Having all, See not the great among you for the small,But hear their silence; for the few shall save The many, or the many are to fall --Still to be wrangling in a... Poems - Post by : mort48 - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1433

Demos I Demos I

Demos I
All you that are enamored of my name And least intent on what most I require, Beware; for my design and your desire,Deplorably, are not as yet the same.Beware, I say, the failure and the shame Of losing that for which you now aspire So blindly, and of hazarding entireThe gift that I was bringing when I came.Give as I will, I cannot give you sight Whereby to see that with you there are some To lead you, and be led. But they are dumbBefore the wrangling and the shrill delight Of your deliverance that has not come,And shall not,... Poems - Post by : enq264 - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 3559

The Three Taverns The Three Taverns

The Three Taverns
When the brethren heard of us, they came to meet us as far as Appii Forum, and The Three Taverns. (Acts 28:15) Herodion, Apelles, Amplias,And Andronicus? Is it you I see --At last? And is it you now that are gazingAs if in doubt of me? Was I not sayingThat I should come to Rome? I did say... Poems - Post by : eb1025 - Date : March 2011 - Author : Edwin Arlington Robinson - Read : 1983