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Father's Chore Father's Chore

Father's Chore
My Pa can hit his thumbnail with a hammer and keep still; He can cut himself while shaving an' not swear;If a ladder slips beneath him an' he gets a nasty spill He can smile as though he really didn't care.But the pan beneath the ice-box--when he goes to empty that-- Then a sound-proof room the children have to hunt;For we have a sad few minutes in our very pleasant flat When the water in it splashes down his front.My Pa believes his temper should be all the time controlled; He doesn't rave at every little... Poems - Post by : Sue_B - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3668

A Lesson From Golf A Lesson From Golf

A Lesson From Golf
He couldn't use his driver any better on the teeThan the chap that he was licking, who just happened to be me;I could hit them with a brassie just as straight and just as far,But I piled up several sevens while he made a few in par;And he trimmed me to a finish, and I know the reason why:He could keep his temper better when he dubbed a shot than I.His mashie stroke is choppy, without any follow through;I doubt if he will ever, on a short hole, cop a two,But his putts are straight and deadly, and he doesn't even... Poems - Post by : mirandab875 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 2178

The Right Family The Right Family

The Right Family
With time our notions allus change,An' years make old idees seem strange--Take Mary there--time was when sheThought one child made a family,An' when our eldest, Jim, was bornShe used to say, both night an' morn':"One little one to love an' keep,To guard awake, an' watch asleep;To bring up right an' lead him throughLife's path is all we ought to do."Two years from then our Jennie came,But Mary didn't talk the same;"Now that's just right," she said to me,"We've got the proper family--A boy an' girl, God sure is good;It seems as though He understoodThat I've been hopin' every wayTo have a... Poems - Post by : sherman - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3936

Tommy Atkins' Way Tommy Atkins' Way

Tommy Atkins' Way
He was battle-scarred and ugly with the marks of shot and shell,And we knew that British Tommy had a stirring tale to tell,So we asked him where he got it and what disarranged his face,And he answered, blushing scarlet: "In a nawsty little place."There were medals on his jacket, but he wouldn't tell us why."A bit lucky, gettin' this one," was the sum of his reply.He had fought a horde of Prussians with his back against the wall,And he told us, when we questioned: "H'it was nothing arfter h'all."Not a word of what he'd suffered, not a word of what he'd... Poems - Post by : kids8 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 4165

The Doubtful To-morrow The Doubtful To-morrow

The Doubtful To-morrow
Whenever I walk through God's Acres of DeadI wonder how often the mute voices said:"I will do a kind deed or will lighten a sorrowOr rise to a sacrifice splendid--to-morrow."I wonder how many fine thoughts unexpressedWere lost to the world when they went to their rest;I wonder what beautiful deeds they'd have doneIf they had but witnessed to-morrow's bright sun.Oh, if the dead grieve, it is not for their fate,For death comes to all of us early or late,But their sighs of regret and their burdens of sorrowAre born of the joys they'd have scattered to-morrow.Do the friends they'd have cheered... Poems - Post by : Keith_Goodrum - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 1743

A Convalescin' Woman A Convalescin' Woman

A Convalescin' Woman
A convalescin' woman does the strangest sort o' things,An' it's wonderful the courage that a little new strength brings;O, it's never safe to leave her for an hour or two alone,Or you'll find th' doctor's good work has been quickly overthrown.There's that wife o' mine, I reckon she's a sample of 'em all;She's been mighty sick, I tell you, an' to-day can scarcely crawl,But I left her jes' this mornin' while I fought potater bugs,An' I got back home an' caught her in the back yard shakin' rugs.I ain't often cross with Nellie, an' I let her have her way,But it... Poems - Post by : gmarsh - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3773

The Change-worker The Change-worker

The Change-worker
A feller don't start in to think of himself, an' the part that he's playin' down here,When there's nobody lookin' to him fer support, an' he don't give a thought to next year.His faults don't seem big an' his habits no worse than a whole lot of others he knows,An' he don't seem to care what his neighbors may say, as heedlessly forward he goes.He don't stop to think if it's wrong or it's right; with his speech he is careless or glib,Till the minute the... Poems - Post by : maclin - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3778

His Example His Example

His Example
There are little eyes upon you, and they're watching night and day;There are little ears that quickly take in every word you say;There are little hands all eager to do everything you do,And a little boy that's dreaming of the day he'll be like you.You're the little fellow's idol, you're the wisest of the wise;In his little mind about you no suspicions ever rise;He believes in you devoutly, holds that all you say and doHe will say and do in your way when he's grown up just like you.Oh, it sometimes makes me shudder when I hear my boy repeatSome careless... Poems - Post by : Edwin - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 2314

The Common Joys The Common Joys

The Common Joys
These joys are free to all who live, The rich and poor, the great and low:The charms which kindness has to give, The smiles which friendship may bestow,The honor of a well-spent life, The glory of a purpose true,High courage in the stress of strife, And peace when every task is through.Nor class nor caste nor race nor creed, Nor greater might can take awayThe splendor of an honest deed. Who nobly serves from day to dayShall walk the road of life with pride, With friends who recognize his worth,For never are these joys... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 4238

Living Flowers Living Flowers

Living Flowers
"I'm never alone in the garden," he said. "I'm never alone with the flowers.It seems like I'm meeting the wonderful dead out here with these blossoms of ours.An' there's never a bush or a plant or a tree, but somebody loved it of old.An' the souls of the angels come talkin' to me through the petals of crimson an' gold."The lilacs in spring bring the mother once more, an' she lives in the midsummer rose.She smiles in the peony clump at the door, an'... Poems - Post by : silver7376 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3994

Pleasing Dad Pleasing Dad

Pleasing Dad
When I was but a little lad, not more than two or three,I noticed in a general way my dad was proud of me.He liked the little ways I had, the simple things I said;Sometimes he gave me words of praise, sometimes he stroked my head;And when I'd done a thing worth while, the thought that made me gladWas always that I'd done my best, and that would please my dad.I can look back to-day and see how proud he used to beWhen I'd come home from school and say they'd recommended me.I didn't understand it then, for school boys never... Poems - Post by : Heri_Rosyadi - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3551

Names And Faces Names And Faces

Names And Faces
I do not ask a store of wealth, Nor special gift of power;I hope always for strength and health To brave each troubled hour.But life would be distinctly good, However low my place is,Had I a memory that could Remember names and faces.I am not troubled by the fact That common skill is mine;I care not that my life has lacked The glory of the fine.But, oh, when someone speaks to me, My cheeks grow red with shameBecause I'm sure that he must see That I have lost his name.Embarrassment 'er I go,... Poems - Post by : joerng - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3482

At Dawn At Dawn

At Dawn
They come to my room at the break of the day,With their faces all smiles and their minds full of play;They come on their tip-toes and silently creepTo the edge of the bed where I'm lying asleep,And then at a signal, on which they agree,With a shout of delight they jump right onto me.They lift up my eyelids and tickle my nose,And scratch at my cheeks with their little pink toes;And sometimes to give them a laugh and a scareI snap and I growl like a cinnamon bear;Then over I roll, and with three kids astrideI gallop away on their feather-bed... Poems - Post by : espguyz - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3168

Tonsils Tonsils

One day the doctor came because my throat was feeling awful sore,And when he looked inside to see he said: "It's like it was before;It's tonserlitis, sure enough. You'd better tell her Pa to-dayTo make his mind up now to have that little party right away."I'd heard him talk that way before when Bud was sick, and so I knewThat what they did to him that time, to me they planned to come and do.An' when my Pa came home that night Ma said: "She can't grow strong and stoutUntil the doctor comes an' takes her addynoids an' tonsils out."An' then... Poems - Post by : clicksorad - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3295

The Fun Of Forgiving The Fun Of Forgiving

The Fun Of Forgiving
Sometimes I'm almost glad to hear when I get home that they've been bad;And though I try to look severe, within my heart I'm really gladWhen mother sadly tells to me the list of awful things they've done,Because when they come tearfully, forgiving them is so much fun.I like to have them all alone, with no one near to hear or see,Then as their little faults they own, I like to take them on my kneeAnd talk it over and pretend the whipping soon must be begun;And then to kiss them at the end--forgiving them is so much fun.Within the world... Poems - Post by : dbrennan - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3794

The Old-fashioned Parents The Old-fashioned Parents

The Old-fashioned Parents
The good old-fashioned mothers and the good old-fashioned dads,With their good old-fashioned lassies and their good old-fashioned lads,Still walk the lanes of loving in their simple, tender ways,As they used to do back yonder in the good old-fashioned days.They dwell in every city and they live in every town,Contentedly and happy and not hungry for renown;On every street you'll find 'em in their simple garments clad,The good old-fashioned mother and the good old-fashioned dad.There are some who sigh for riches, there are some who yearn for fame,And a few misguided people who no longer blush at shame;But the world is full... Poems - Post by : nextup - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 3257

Lullaby Lullaby

The golden dreamboat's ready, all her silken sails are spread,And the breeze is gently blowing to the fairy port of Bed,And the fairy's captain's waiting while the busy sandman fliesWith the silver dust of slumber, closing every baby's eyes.Oh, the night is rich with moonlight and the sea is calm with peace,And the angels fly to guard you and their watch shall never cease,And the fairies there await you; they have splendid dreams to spin;You shall hear them gayly singing as the dreamboat's putting in.Like the ripple of the water does the dreamboat's whistle blow,Only baby ears can catch it when... Poems - Post by : Ronnie - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 2893

His Dog His Dog

His Dog
Pete bristles when the doorbell rings. Last night he didn't act the same.Dogs have a way of knowin' things, An' when the dreaded cable came,He looked at mother an' he whined His soft, low sign of somethin' wrong,As though he knew that we should find The news that we had feared so long.He's followed me about the place An' hasn't left my heels to-day;He's rubbed his nose against my face As if to kiss my grief away.There on his plate beside the door You'll see untouched his mornin' meal.I never understood before That... Poems - Post by : rushtheweb - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 1736

To The Boy To The Boy

To The Boy
I have no wish, my little lad, To climb the towering heights of fame.I am content to be your dad And share with you each pleasant game.I am content to hold your hand And walk along life's path with you,And talk of things we understand-- The birds and trees and skies of blue.Though some may seek the smiles of kings, For me your laughter's joy enough;I have no wish to claim the things Which lure men into pathways rough.I'm happiest when you and I, Unmindful of life's bitter cares,Together watch the clouds drift by,... Poems - Post by : Ron_M - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 4054

When A Little Baby Dies When A Little Baby Dies

When A Little Baby Dies
When a little baby diesAnd its wee form silent lies,And its little cheeks seem waxenAnd its little hands are still,Then your soul gives way to treason,And you cry: "O, God, what reason,O, what justice and what mercyHave You shown us by Your will?"There are, O, so many hereOf the yellow leaf and sere,Who are anxious, aye, and readyTo respond unto Your call;Yet You pass them by unheeding,And You set our hearts to bleeding!"O," you mutter, "God, how cruelDo Your vaunted mercies fall!"Yet some day, in after years,When Death's angel once more nears,And the unknown, silent riverLooms as darkly as a pall,You... Poems - Post by : hapajo - Date : October 2011 - Author : Edgar A. Guest - Read : 1830