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A Little While - Envoi A Little While - Envoi

A Little While - Envoi
A little while the tears and laughter, The willow and the rose-- A little while, and what comes after No man knows. An hour to sing, to love and linger ... Then lutanist and lute Will fall on silence, song and singer Both be mute. Our gods from our desires we fashion.... Exalt our baffled lives, And dream their vital bloom and passion Still survives; But when we're done with mirth and weeping, With... Poems - Post by : mr.shih - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 2350

The Comrade The Comrade

The Comrade
I HATH not man at his noblest An air of something more than man?-- A hint of grace immortal, Born of his greatly daring to assist the gods In conquering these shaggy wastes, These desert worlds, And planting life and order in these stars?-- So Woman at her best: Her eyes are bright with visions and with dreams That triumph over time; Her plumed thought, wing for wing, is mate with his. II The world rolls on from dream to dream, And... Poems - Post by : stockteacher - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3673

'sic Transit Gloria Mundi' "sic Transit Gloria Mundi"

'sic Transit Gloria Mundi'
CONQUERORS leonine, lordly, Princes and vaunting kings, Ye are drunk with the sound of your braggart trumps-- But lo! ye are little things! Earth ... it is charnel with monarchs! And the puffs of dust that start Where your war steeds stamp with their ringing hoofs Were each some warrior's heart. Peoples imperial, mighty, Masterful, challenging fate, The tread of your cohorts shakes the hills-- But lo! ye are not great!... Poems - Post by : temudry - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 2192

The Child And The Mill The Child And The Mill

The Child And The Mill
BETTER a pauper, penniless, asleep on the kindly sod-- Better a gipsy, houseless, but near to the heart of God, That beats for ears not dulled by the clanking wheels of care-- Better starvation and freedom, hope and the good fresh air Than death to the Something in him that was born to laugh and dream, That was kin to the idle lilies and the ripples of... Poems - Post by : 1source - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 1918

The Rebel The Rebel

The Rebel
No doubt the ordered worlds speed on With purpose in their wings; No doubt the ordered songs are sweet Each worthy angel sings; And doubtless it is wise to heed The ordered words of Kings; But how the heart leaps up to greet The headlong, rebel flight, Whenas some reckless meteor Blazes across the night! Some comet--Byron--Lucifer-- Has dared to Be, and fight! No doubt but it is safe to dwell Where ordered duties... Poems - Post by : jvernon - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 1753

The Struggle The Struggle

The Struggle
I HAVE been down in a dark valley; I have been groping through a deep gorge; Far above, the lips of it were rimmed with moonlight, And here and there the light lay on the dripping rocks So that it seemed they dripped with moonlight, not with water; So deep it was, that narrow gash among the hills, That those great pines which fringed its edge Seemed to me no larger than upthrust fingers Silhouetted against the sky; And at its top... Poems - Post by : pjoeeoj - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3790

Realities Realities

WE are deceived by the shadow, we see not the substance of things. For the hills are less solid than thought; and deeds are but vapors; and flesh Is a mist thrown off and resumed by the soul, as a world by a god. Back of the transient appearance dwells in ineffable calm The utter reality, ultimate truth; this seems and that is.(The end)Don Marquis's Poem: Realities... Poems - Post by : PVReseller - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3150

An Open Fire An Open Fire

An Open Fire
THESE logs with drama and with dream are rife, For all their golden Summers and green Springs Through leaf and root they sucked the forest's life, Drank in its secret, deep, essential things, Its midwood moods, its mystic runes, Its breathing hushes stirred of faery wings, Its August nights and April noons; The garnered fervors of forgotten Junes Flare forth again and waste away; And in the sap that leaps and sings We hear again the chant the cricket flings... Poems - Post by : cashnow - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3995

The Parting The Parting

The Parting
WE have come "the primrose way," Folly, thou and I! Such a glamor and a grace Ever glimmered on thy face, Ever such a witchery Lit the laughing eyes of thee, Could a fool like me withstand Folly's feast and beckoning hand? Drinking, how thy lips' caress Spiced the cup of waywardness! So we came "the primrose way," Folly, thou and I! But now, Folly, we must part, Folly, thou and I! Shall one look with mirth or tears Back... Poems - Post by : ShawnP - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 2147

The Visitors The Visitors

The Visitors
THEY haunt me, they tease me with hinted Withheld revelations, The songs that I may not utter; They lead me, they flatter, they woo me. I follow, I follow, I snatch At the veils of their secrets in vain-- For lo! they have left me and vanished, The songs that I cannot sing. There are visions elusive that come With a quiver and shimmer of wings;-- Shapes shadows and shapes, and the murmur Of voices;-- Shapes, that out of the twilight Leap, and with gesture appealing Seem... Poems - Post by : 45997 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 1326

The Rondeau The Rondeau

The Rondeau
YOUR rondeau's tale must still be light-- No bugle-call to life's stern fight! Rather a smiling interlude Memorial to some transient mood Of idle love and gala-night. Its manner is the merest sleight O' hand; yet therein dwells its might, For if the heavier touch intrude Your rondeau's stale. Fragrant and fragile, fleet and bright, And wing'd with whim, it gleams in flight Like April blossoms wind-pursued Down aisles of tangled underwood;-- Nor be... Poems - Post by : Matt_Gallant - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3608

'time Steals From Love' "time Steals From Love"

'time Steals From Love'
TIME steals from Love all but Love's wings; And how should aught but evil things, Or any good but death, befall Him that is thrall unto Time's thrall, Slave to the lesser of these Kings? O heart of youth that wakes and sings! O golden vows and golden rings! Life mocks you with the tale of all Time steals from Love! O riven lute and writhen strings, Dead bough whereto no blossom clings, The glory was ephemeral!... Poems - Post by : bosstee - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 2984

Early Autumn Early Autumn

Early Autumn
WITH half-hearted levies of frost that make foray, retire, and refrain-- Ambiguous bugles that blow and that falter to silence again-- With banners of mist that still waver above them, advance and retreat, The hosts of the Autumn still hide in the hills, for a doubt stays their feet;-- But anon, with a barbaric splendor to dazzle the eyes that behold, And regal in raiment of purple and umber and... Poems - Post by : help4me - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 1753

The Explorers The Explorers

The Explorers
AND some still cry: "What is the use? The service rendered? What the gain? Heroic, yes!--but in what cause? Have they made less one earth-borne pain? Broadened the bounded spirit's scope? Or died to make the dull world hope?" Must man still be the slave of Use?-- But these men, careless and elate, Join battle with a burly world Or come to wrestling grips with fate, And not for any good nor gain Nor any fame that may befall--... Poems - Post by : trippin73 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 2745

A Silvia A Silvia

A Silvia
I STILL remember how she moved Among the rathe, wild blooms she loved, (When Spring came tip-toe down the slopes, Atremble 'twixt her doubts and hopes, Half fearful and all virginal)-- How Silvia sought this dell to call Her flowers into full festival, And chid them with this madrigal: "The busy spider hangs the brush With filmy gossamers, The frogs are croaking in the creek, The sluggish blacksnake stirs, But still the ground is bare of bloom Beneath the fragrant firs.... Poems - Post by : tadpole - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 1644

A Christmas Gift A Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift
ALACK-A-DAY for poverty! What jewels my mind doth give to thee! Carved agate stone porphyrogene, Green emerald and beryl green, Deep sapphine and pale amethyst, Sly opal, cloaking with a mist The levin of its love elate, Shy brides' pearls, flushed and delicate, Sea-colored lapis lazuli, Sardonyx and chalcedony, Enkindling diamond, candid gold, Red rubies and red garnets bold: And all their humors should be blent In one intolerable blaze, Barbaric, fierce, and opulent, To dazzle him that dared to gaze!... Poems - Post by : alaqeada - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3080

At Sunset At Sunset

At Sunset
THE sun-god stooped from out the sky To kiss the flushing sea, While all the winds of all the world Made jovial melody; The night came hurrying up to hide The lovers with her tent; The governed thunders, rank on rank, Stood mute with wonderment; The pale worn moon, a jealous shade, Peered from the firmament; The early stars, the curious stars, Came peering forth to see What mighty nuptials shook the world With... Poems - Post by : whiteeyes - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 2798

Lower New York--a Storm Lower New York--a Storm

Lower New York--a Storm
WHITE wing'd below the darkling clouds The driven sea-gulls wheel; The roused sea flings a storm against The towers of stone and steel. The very voice of ocean rings Along the shaken street-- Dusk, storm, and beauty whelm the world Where sea and city meet-- But what care they for flashing wings, Quick beauty, loud refrain, These huddled thousands, deaf and blind To all but greed and gain?(The end)Don Marquis's poem: Lower New York--A Storm... Poems - Post by : Shannon_Brown - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 3723

To A Dancing Doll To A Dancing Doll

To A Dancing Doll
FORMAL, quaint, precise, and trim, You begin your steps demurely-- There's a spirit almost prim In the feet that move so surely, So discreetly, to the chime Of the music that so sweetly Marks the time. But the chords begin to tinkle Quicker, And your feet they flash and flicker--... Poems - Post by : markfarrar - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 1428

'my Lands, Not Thine' "my Lands, Not Thine"

'my Lands, Not Thine'
MY lands, not thine, we look upon, Friend Croesus, hill and vale and lawn. Mine every woodland madrigal, And mine thy singing waterfall That vaguely hints of Helicon. Mark how thine upland slopes have drawn A golden glory from the dawn!-- Fool's gold? --thy dullness proves them all My lands--not thine! For when all title-deeds are gone, Still, still will satyr, nymph, and faun Through brake and covert pipe and call In dances bold and bacchanal--... Poems - Post by : SEOmoz - Date : October 2011 - Author : Don Marquis - Read : 4093