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From A College Window From A College Window

From A College Window
THE glimmer of the limes, sun-heavy, sleeping, Goes trembling past me up the College wall.Below, the lawn, in soft blue shade is keeping, The daisy-froth quiescent, softly in thrall.Beyond the leaves that overhang the street, Along the flagged, clean pavement summer-white,Passes the world with shadows at their feet Going left and right.Remote, although I hear the beggar's cough, See the woman's twinkling fingers tend him a coin,I sit absolved, assured I am better off Beyond a world I never want to join.(The end)D H Lawrence's poem: From A College Window... Poems - Post by : CharlesWest - Date : December 2010 - Author : D. H. Lawrence - Read : 2428

Coming Awake Coming Awake

Coming Awake
WHEN I woke, the lake-lights were quivering on the wall,The sunshine swam in a shoal across and across,And a hairy, big bee hung over the primulasIn the window, his body black fur, and the sound of him cross.There was something I ought to remember: and yetI did not remember. Why should I? The running lightsAnd the airy primulas, obliviousOf the impending bee--they were fair enough sights.(The end)D H Lawrence's poem: Coming Awake... Poems - Post by : ecmagic - Date : December 2010 - Author : D. H. Lawrence - Read : 3091

Apprehension Apprehension

AND all hours long, the town Roars like a beast in a caveThat is wounded thereAnd like to drown; While days rush, wave after waveOn its lair.An invisible woe unseals The flood, so it passes beyondAll bounds: the great old cityRecumbent roars as it feels The foamy paw of the pondReach from immensity.But all that it can do Now, as the tide rises,Is to listen and hear the grimWaves crash like thunder through The splintered streets, hear noisesRoll hollow in the interim.(The end)D H Lawrence's poem: Apprehension... Poems - Post by : homeamerica - Date : December 2010 - Author : D. H. Lawrence - Read : 3669

Wintry Peacock Wintry Peacock

Wintry Peacock
There was thin, crisp snow on the ground, the sky was blue, the wind very cold, the air clear. Farmers were just turning out the cows for an hour or so in the midday, and the smell of cow-sheds was unendurable as I entered Tible. I noticed the ash-twigs up in the sky were pale and luminous, passing into the blue. And then I saw the peacocks. There they were in the road before me, three of them, and tailless, brown, speckled birds, with dark-blue necks and ragged crests. They stepped archly over the filigree snow, and their bodies moved with... Short Stories - Post by : theniche - Date : December 2010 - Author : D. H. Lawrence - Read : 1484

The Prussian Officer The Prussian Officer

The Prussian Officer
IThey had marched more than thirty kilometres since dawn, along the white, hot road where occasional thickets of trees threw a moment of shade, then out into the glare again. On either hand, the valley, wide and shallow, glittered with heat; dark green patches of rye, pale young corn, fallow and meadow and black pine woods spread in a dull, hot diagram under a glistening sky. But right in front the mountains ranged across, pale blue and very still, snow gleaming gently out of the deep atmosphere. And towards the mountains, on and on, the regiment marched between the rye fields... Short Stories - Post by : Teamplay1 - Date : December 2010 - Author : D. H. Lawrence - Read : 4028