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The Mooch O' Life The Mooch O' Life

The Mooch O' Life
This ev'nin' I was sittin' wiv Doreen, Peaceful an' 'appy wiv the day's work done, Watchin', be'ind the orchard's bonzer green, The flamin' wonder of the settin' sun. Another day gone by; another night Creepin' along to douse Day's golden light; Another dawnin', when the night is gone, To live an' love--an' so life mooches on. Times I 'ave thought, when things was goin' crook, When 'Ope turned nark an' Love forgot to smile, Of somethin' I once seen in some old book Where an ole sore-'ead arsts,... Poems - Post by : innkeeper - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1998

The Kid The Kid

The Kid
My son!...Them words, jist like a blessed song, Is singin' in me 'eart the 'ole day long; Over an' over; while I'm scared I'll wake Out of a dream, to find it all a fake. My son! Two little words, that, yesterdee, Wus jist two simple, senseless words to me; An' now--no man, not since the world begun, Made any better pray'r than that....My son! My son an' bloomin' 'eir...Ours!...'Ers an' mine! The finest kid in--Aw, the sun don't shine--... Poems - Post by : Richieb - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1340

Uncle Jim Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim
"I got no time fer wasters, lad," sez'e, "Give me a man wiv grit," sez Uncle Jim. 'E bores 'is cute ole eyes right into me, While I stares 'ard an' gives it back to 'im. Then orl at once 'e grips me 'and in 'is: "Some'ow," 'e sez, "I likes yer ugly phiz." "You got a look," 'e sez, "like you could stay; Altho' yeh mauls King's English when yeh yaps, An' 'angs flash frills on ev'rythink yeh say. I ain't no grammarist... Poems - Post by : BlogD - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2320

Beef Tea Beef Tea

Beef Tea
She never magged; she never said no word; But sat an' looked at me an' never stirred. I could 'a' bluffed it out if she 'ad been Fair narked, an' let me 'ave it wiv 'er tongue; But silence told me 'ow 'er 'eart wus wrung. Poor 'urt Doreen! Gorstruth! I'd sooner fight wiv fifty men Than git one look like that frum 'er agen! She never moved; she never spoke no word; That 'urt look in 'er eyes, like some scared bird:... Poems - Post by : metawight - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 3388

Hitched Hitched

"An'--wilt--yeh--take--this--woman--fer--to--be-- Yer--weddid--wife?"...O, strike me! Will I wot? TAKE 'er? Doreen? 'E stan's there ARSTIN' me! As if 'e thort per'aps I'd rather not! TAKE 'er? 'E seemed to think 'er kind was got Like cigarette-cards, fer the arstin'. Still, I does me stunt in this 'ere hitchin' rot, An' speaks me piece: "Righto!" I sez, "I will." "I will," I sez. An' tho' a joyful shout Come from me bustin' 'eart--I know it did-- Me voice got... Poems - Post by : Hotkofi - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 3582

Pilot Cove Pilot Cove

Pilot Cove
Young friend," 'e sez...Young friend! Well, spare me days! Yeh'd think I wus 'is own white-'eaded boy-- The queer ole finger, wiv 'is gentle ways. "Young friend," 'e sez, "I wish't yeh bofe great joy." The langwidge that them parson blokes imploy Fair tickles me. The way'e bleats an' brays! "Young friend," 'e sez. "Young friend," 'e sez...Yes, my Doreen an' me We're gettin' hitched, all straight an' on the square. Fer when I torks about... Poems - Post by : coreya - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2427

The Siren The Siren

The Siren
She sung a song; an' I sat silent there, Wiv bofe 'ands grippin' 'ard on me chair; Me 'eart, that yesterdee I thort wus broke Wiv 'umpin sich a 'eavy load o' care, Come swelling in me throat like I would choke. I felt 'ot blushes climbin' to me 'air. 'Twas like that feelin' when the Spring wind breaves Sad music in the sof'ly rustlin' leaves. An' when a bloke sits down an' starts to chew Crook thorts, wivout quite knowin' why 'e grieves... Poems - Post by : kamransunny - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1578

The Stror 'at Coot The Stror 'at Coot

The Stror 'at Coot
Ar, wimmin! Wot a blinded fool I've been! I arsts meself, wot else could I ixpeck? I done me block complete on this Doreen, An' now me 'eart is broke, me life's a wreck! The dreams I dreamed, the dilly thorts I thunk Is up the pole, an' joy 'as done a bunk. Wimmin! O strike! I orter known the game! Their tricks is crook, their arts is all dead snide. The 'ole world over tarts is all the same; All... Poems - Post by : maxsim123 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2066

The Play The Play

The Play
"Wots in a name?" she sez...An' then she sighs, An' clasps 'er little 'ands, an' rolls 'er eyes. "A rose," she sez, "be any other name Would smell the same. Oh, w'erefore art you Romeo, young sir? Chuck yer ole pot, an' change yer moniker!" Doreen an' me, we bin to see a show-- The swell two-dollar touch. Bong tong, yeh know. A chair apiece wiv velvit on the seat; A slap-up treat. The drarmer's writ be Shakespeare, years ago, About a barmy goat called Romeo. "Lady, be... Poems - Post by : silverhawkie49 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2078

Doreen Doreen

"I wish't yeh menat it, Bill." Oh, 'ow me 'eart Went out to 'er that evnin' on the beach. I knew she weren't no ordinary tart, My little peach! To 'ear 'er voice! Its gentle sorter tone, Like soft dream-music of some Dago band. An' me all out; an' 'oldin' in me own 'Er little 'and. An' 'ow she blushed! O, strike! it was divine The way she raised 'er shinin' eyes... Poems - Post by : aflakejr - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2544

The Stoush O' Day The Stoush O' Day

The Stoush O' Day
Ar, these is 'appy days! An' 'ow they've flown-- Flown like the smoke of some inchanted fag; Since dear Doreen, the sweetest tart I've known, Passed me the jolt that made me sky the rag. An' ev'ry golding day floats o'er a chap Like a glad dream of some celeschil scrap. Refreshed wiv sleep Day to the mornin' mill Comes jauntily to out the nigger, Night. Trained to the minute, confident in skill, 'E swaggers in the East, chock-full o' skite; Then... Poems - Post by : goldensniper - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 3982

The Intro The Intro

The Intro
'Er name's Doreen ...Well spare me bloomin' days! You could er knocked me down wiv 'arf a brick! Yes, me, that kids meself I know their ways, An' 'as a name for smoogin' in our click! I just lines up an' tips the saucy wink. But strike! The way she piled on dawg! Yer'd think A bloke was givin' back-chat to the Queen.... 'Er name's Doreen. I seen 'er in the markit first uv all, Inspectin' brums at Steeny Isaacs' stall.... Poems - Post by : spublish - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 3685

A Spring Song A Spring Song

A Spring Song
The world 'as got me snouted jist a treat; Crool Forchin's dirty left 'as smote me soul; An' all them joys o' life I 'eld so sweet Is up the pole. Fer, as the poit sez, me 'eart 'as got The pip wiv yearnin' fer--I dunno wot. I'm crook; me name is Mud; I've done me dash; Me flamin' spirit's got the flamin' 'ump! I'm longin' to let loose on somethin' rash.... Aw, I'm a chump! I know it; but this... Poems - Post by : royoron - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2897

The Little Red Dog The Little Red Dog

The Little Red Dog
The Glugs still live in the land of Gosh,Under the rule of the great King Splosh. And they climb the trees in the Summer and Spring, Because it is reckoned the regular thing.Down in the valley they live their lives,Taking the air with their aunts and wives. And they climb the trees in the Winter and Fall, And count it improper to climb not at all.And they name their trees with a thousand names,Calling them after their Arts and Aims; And some, they climb for the fun of the thing,... Poems - Post by : Guaji - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1378

Emily Ann Emily Ann

Emily Ann
Government muddles, departments dazed,Fear and confusion wherever he gazed; Order insulted, authority spurned, Dread and distraction wherever he turned--Oh, the great King Splosh was a sad, sore king,With never a statesman to straighten the thing.Glus all importunate urging their claims,With selfish intent and ulterior aims, Glugs with petitions for this and for that, Standing ten-deep on the royal door-mat,Raging when nobody answered their ring--Oh, the great King Splosh was a careworn king.And he looked to the right, and he glanced to the left,And he glared at the roof like a monarch bereft... Poems - Post by : Bill_Childs - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 3868

The Debate The Debate

The Debate
He was a Glug of simple charm;He wished no living creature harm. His kindly smile like sunlight fell On all about, and wished them well.Yet, 'spite the cheerful soul of Sym,The great Sir Stodge detested him.The stern Sir Stodge and all his Swanks--Proud Glugs of divers grades and ranks, With learning and attainments great-- Had never learned to conquer hate.And, failing in their A. B. C.,Were whipt by Master Destiny.'Twas thus that Gosh's famous schoolsTurned out great hordes of learned fools: Turned out the ship without a sail, Turned... Poems - Post by : aspep - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2755

The Rhymes Of Sym The Rhymes Of Sym

The Rhymes Of Sym
Nobody knew why it should be so;Nobody knew or wanted to know. It might have been checked had but someone dared To trace its beginnings; but nobody cared.But 'twas clear to the wise that the Glugs of those daysWere crazed beyond reason concerning a craze.They would pass a thing by for a week or a year,With an air apathetic, or maybe a sneer: Some ev'ryday thing, like a crime or a creed, A mode or a movement, and pay it small heed,Till Somebody started to laud it aloud;Then all but the Nobodies followed... Poems - Post by : alexander12 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1906

The Seer The Seer

The Seer
Somewhere or other, 'tis doubtful where,In the archives of Gosh is a volume rare, A precious old classic that nobody reads, And nobody asks for, and nobody heeds;Which makes it a classic, and famed thro' the land,As well-informed persons will quite understand.'Tis a ponderous work, and 'tis written in prose,For some mystical reason that nobody knows; And it tells in a style that is terse and correct Of the rule of the Swanks and its baneful effectOn the commerce of Gosh, on its morals and trade;And it quotes a grave prophecy somebody made.And... Poems - Post by : Roseman - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 2135

The Swanks Of Gosh The Swanks Of Gosh

The Swanks Of Gosh
Come mourn with me for the land of Gosh, Oh, weep with me for the luckless GlugsOf the land of Gosh the sad seas washThe patient shores, and the great King Splosh His sodden sorrow hugs;Where the fair Queen Tush weeps all the day, And the Swank, the Swank, the naughty Swank, The haughty Swank holds sway--The most mendacious, ostentatious, Spacious Swank holds sway.'Tis sorrow-swathed, as I know full well, And garbed in... Poems - Post by : Rich_Holder - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1312

The End Of Joi The End Of Joi

The End Of Joi
They climbed the trees . . . As was told before,The Glugs climbed trees in the days of yore, When the oldes tree in the land to-day Was a tender little seedling--Nay,This climbing habit was old, so oldThat even the cheeses could not have told When the past Glug people first began To give their lives to the climbing plan. And the legend ran That the art was old as the mind of man.And even the mountains old and hoar,And the... Poems - Post by : skowaski - Date : October 2011 - Author : Clarence James Dennis - Read : 1838