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Before Autumn Before Autumn

Before Autumn
Summer's last moon has waned-- Waned As amber fires Of an Aztec shrine. The invisible breath of coming death has stained The withering leaves with its nepenthean wine-- Autumn's near. Winds in the woodland moan-- Moan As memories Of a chilling... Poems - Post by : clstone - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3253

Wildness Wildness

To drift with the drifting clouds, And blow with the blow of breezes, To ripple with waves and murmur with caves To soar, as the sea-mew pleases! To dip with the dipping sails, And burn with the burning heaven-- My life! my soul! for the infinite roll Of a day to wildness given!(The end)Cale Young Rice's poem: Wildness... Poems - Post by : mjglad - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 2457

Avowal To The Nightingale Avowal To The Nightingale

Avowal To The Nightingale
Tho' thou hast ne'er unpent thy pain's delight Upon these airs, bird of the poet's love, Yet must I sing thy singing! For the Night Has poured her jewels o'er the lap of heaven As they who hear thee say thou dost above The wood such ecstasies as were not given By nestling breasts of Venus to the dove. 2 Oft have I watched the moon with... Poems - Post by : colttech - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3522

Slaves Slaves

A host of bloody centuries lie prone Upon the fields of Time--but still the wake Of Progress loud is haunted with the groan Of myriads, from whose peaceful veins, to slake His scarlet thirst, has War, fierce Polypheme Of fate, insatiately drunk life's stream. We bid the courier lightning leap along Its instant path with spirit speed--command Stars lost in night-eternity to throng Before the magnet eye of Science--stand On Glory's... Poems - Post by : DiscoBiscuit - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 2640

Storm-twilight Storm-twilight

Tossing, swirling, swept by the wind, Beaten abaft by the rain, The swallows high in the sodden sky Circle oft and again. They rise and sink and drift and swing, Twitterless in the chill; A-haste, for stark is the coming dark Over the wet of the hill. Wildly, swiftly, at last they stream Into... Poems - Post by : icRon - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3315

To Her Who Shall Come To Her Who Shall Come

To Her Who Shall Come
1 Out of the night of lovelessness I call Thee, as, in a chill chamber where no rays Of unbelievable light and freedom fall, Might cry one manacled! And tho' the ways Thou'lt come I cannot see; tho' my heart's sore With emptiness when morning's silent grays Wake me to long aloneness; yet I know Thou hast been with me, who like dawn wilt go Beside me, when I have found thee, evermore!... Poems - Post by : eprofitnow - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 1363

Unburthened Unburthened

Not grief nor the sunny wine Of gladness steeps my spirit as I gaze Over these meads that lie engarmented In stubble robes of winter-weary brown. For, as those solitary trees afar Have reached unbudding boughs to the dim day And melted on the infinite calm of space, So have I reached, and am no more distraught With the quivering pangs of memory's yesterday. But the boon of blue skies deeper than despair,... Poems - Post by : ServeGold - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 1615

The Empty Cross The Empty Cross

The Empty Cross
The eve of Golgotha had come, And Christ lay shrouded in the garden Tomb: Among the olives, Oh, how dumb, How sad the sun incarnadined the gloom! The hill grew dim--the pleading cross Reached empty arms toward the closing gate. Jerusalem, oh, count thy loss! Oh, hear ye! hear ye! ere it be too late! Reached bleeding arms--but how in vain! The murmurous multitude within the wall Already had forgot His... Poems - Post by : rmasters - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 2946

Sunset-lovers Sunset-lovers

Upon how many a hill, Across how many a field, Beside how many a river's restful flowing, They stand, with eyes a-thrill, And hearts of day-rue healed, Gazing, O wistful sun, upon thy going! They have forgotten life, Forgotten sunless death; Desire is gone--is it not gone for ever? No memory of strife Have they, or pain-sick breath. No hopes to fear or fears hope cannot sever.... Poems - Post by : ryandeiss - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3630

Tearless Tearless

Do women weep when men have died? It cannot be! For I have sat here by his side, Breathing dear names against his face, That he must list to, were his place Over God's throne-- Yet have I wept no tear and made no moan. Do women weep--not gaze stone-eyed? Grief seems in... Poems - Post by : JerseyDave - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 2070

Autumn At The Bridge Autumn At The Bridge

Autumn At The Bridge
Brown dropping of leaves, Soft rush of the wind, Slow searing of sheaves On the hill; Green plunging of frogs, Cool lisp of the brook, Far barking of dogs At the mill; Hot hanging of clouds, High poise of the hawk, Flush laughter of crowds From the Ridge; Nut-falling, quail-calling, Wheel-rumbling, bee-mumbling-- Oh,... Poems - Post by : David_C_H - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 1479

Spirit Of Rain Spirit Of Rain

Spirit Of Rain
(MIYANOSHITA, JAPAN, 1905) Spirit of rain-- With all thy mountain mists that wander lonely As a gray train Of souls newly discarnate seeking new life only! Spirit of rain! Leading them thro' dim torii, up fane-ways onward Till not in vain They tremble upon the peaks and plunge rejoicing dawnward.... Poems - Post by : Metaframer - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 2109

Wanton June Wanton June

Wanton June
I knew she would come! Sarcastic November Laughed cold and glum On the last red ember Of forest leaves. He was laughing, the scorner, At me forlorner Than any that grieves-- Because I asked him if June would come! But I knew she would come When snow-hearted winter... Poems - Post by : Doug_Garries - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3118

The Lighthouseman The Lighthouseman

The Lighthouseman
When at evening smothered lightnings Burn the clouds with fretted fires; When the stars forget to glisten, And the winds refuse to listen To the song of my desires, Oh, my love, unto thee! When the livid breakers angered Churn against my stormy tower; When the petrel flying faster Brings an omen to the master Of his vessel's fated hour--... Poems - Post by : DonPaul - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3457

Faun-call Faun-call

Oh, who is he will follow me With a singing, Down sunny roads where windy odes Of the woods are ringing? Where leaves are tossed from branches lost In a tangle Of vines that vie to clamber high-- But to vault and dangle! Oh, who is he?--His eye must be As a lover's... Poems - Post by : newberrg - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3605

Storm-ebb Storm-ebb

Dusking amber dimly creeps Over the vale, Lit by the kildee's silver sweeps, Sad with his wail. Eastward swing the silent clouds Into the night. Burdens of day they seem--in crowds Hurled from earth's sight. Tilting gulls whip whitely far Over the lake, Tirelessly on o'er buoy and spar Till they o'ertake Shadow... Poems - Post by : Gizmo - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 2587

In A Cemetery In A Cemetery

In A Cemetery
When Autumn's melancholy robes the land With silence, and sad fadings mystical Of other years move thro' the mellow fields, I turn unto this meadow of the dead, Strewn with the leaves stormed from October trees, And wonder if my resting shall be dug Here by this cedar's moan or under the sway Of yonder cypress--lair of winds that rove As Valkyries sent from Valhalla's court In search of worthy slain.... Poems - Post by : optimystic - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 1731

From One Blind From One Blind

From One Blind
I cannot say thy cheek is like the rose, Thy hair like rippled sunbeams, and thine eyes Like violets, April-rich and sprung of God. My barren gaze can never know what throes Such boons of beauty waken, tho' I rise Each day a-tremble with the ruthless hope That light will pierce my useless lids--then grope Till night, blind as the worm within his clod. Yet unto me thou art not less divine, I touch... Poems - Post by : piersbaker - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 1051

Return Return

Ah, it was here--September And silence filled the air-- I came last year to remember, And muse, hid away from care. It was here I came--the thistle Was trusting her seed to the wind; The quail in the croft gave whistle As now--and the fields lay thinned. I know how the hay was steeping, Brown mows under mellow haze; How a frail cloud-flock was creeping As now over... Poems - Post by : revenue4u - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 3268

The Ramble The Ramble

The Ramble
Down the road which asters tangle, Thro' the gap where green-briar twines, By the path where dry leaves dangle Sere from the ivy vines We go--by sedgy fallows And along the stifled brook, Till it stops in lushy mallows Just at the bridge's crook. Then, again, o'er fence, thro' thicket, To the mouth of the rough ravine, Where the weird leaf-hidden cricket Chirrs thro' the weirder green,... Poems - Post by : goldberg - Date : September 2011 - Author : Cale Young Rice - Read : 1317