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The Gate Of Peace The Gate Of Peace

The Gate Of Peace
Ah, who will build the city of our dream, Where beauty shall abound and truth avail, With patient love that is too wise for strife, Blending in power as gentle as the rain With the reviving earth on full spring days? Who now will speed us to its gate of peace, And reassure us on our doubtful road? Three centuries ago a fearless man, Yearning to set his people in the way, Threw all his royal might into a plan To found an ideal city that should give Freedom to... Poems - Post by : successcoach - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 2219

The Winged Victory The Winged Victory

The Winged Victory
Thou dear and most high Victory, Whose home is the unvanquished sea, Whose fluttering wind-blown garments keep The very freshness, fold, and sweep They wore upon the galley's prow, By what unwonted favor now Hast thou alighted in this place, Thou Victory of Samothrace? O thou to whom in countless lands With eager hearts and striving hands Strong men in their last need have prayed, Greatly desiring, undismayed, And thou hast been across the fight Their consolation and their might, Withhold not now one dearer grace,... Poems - Post by : lilyg - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3674

Mirage Mirage

Here hangs at last, you see, my row Of sketches,--all I have to show Of one enchanted summer spent In sweet laborious content, At little 'Sconset by the moors, With the sea thundering by its doors, Its grassy streets, and gardens gay With hollyhocks and salvia. And here upon the easel yet, With the last brush of paint still wet, (Showing how inspiration toils), Is one where the white surf-line boils Along the sand, and the whole sea Lifts to the skyline, just to be The wondrous... Poems - Post by : johnmd - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 2823

A Painter's Holiday A Painter's Holiday

A Painter's Holiday
We painters sometimes strangely keep These holidays. When life runs deep And broad and strong, it comes to make Its own bright-colored almanack. Impulse and incident divine Must find their way through tone and line; The throb of color and the dream Of beauty, giving art its theme From dear life's daily miracle, Illume the artist's life as well. A bird-note, or a turning leaf, The first white fall of snow, a brief Wild song from the Anthology, A smile, or a girl's kindling eye,-- And... Poems - Post by : chili - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3043

On The Plaza On The Plaza

On The Plaza
One August day I sat beside A cafe window open wide To let the shower-freshened air Blow in across the Plaza In golden pomp against the dark Green leafy background of the Park, St. Gaudens' hero, gaunt and grim, Rides on with Victory leading him. The wet, black asphalt seemed to hold In every hollow pools of gold, And clouds of gold and pink and gray Were piled up at the end of day, Far down the cross street one tower Still glistened from the drenching... Poems - Post by : why97 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 1397

El Dorado El Dorado

El Dorado
This is the story Of Santo Domingo, The first established Permanent city Built in the New World. Miguel Dias, A Spanish sailor In the fleet of Columbus, Fought with a captain, Wounded him, then in fear Fled from his punishment. Ranging the wilds, he came On a secluded Indian village Of the peace-loving Comely Caguisas. There he found shelter, Food, fire, and hiding,-- Welcome unstinted. Over this tribe ruled-- No cunning chieftain Grown gray in world-craft, But a young... Poems - Post by : heymrdude - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3608

The Dreamers The Dreamers

The Dreamers
Charlemagne with knight and lord, In the hill at Ingelheim, Slumbers at the council board, Seated waiting for the time. With their swords across their knees In that chamber dimly lit, Chin on breast life effigies Of the dreaming gods, they sit. Long ago they went to sleep, While great wars above them hurled. Taking counsel how to keep Giant evil from the world. Golden-armored, iron-crowned, There in silence they await The last war,--in war renowned, Done with doubting and debate. What is all our... Poems - Post by : national3 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 1488

St. Michael's Star St. Michael's Star

St. Michael's Star
In the pure solitude of dusk One star is set to shine Above the sundown's dying rose, A lamp before a shrine. It is the star of Michael lit In the minster of the sun, That every toiling hand may give Thanks for the day's work done. For when the almighty word went forth To bid creation be,-- The glimmering star-tracks on the blue, The tide-belts on the sea,-- Perfect as planned, from Michael's hand The lasting hills arose, Their bases on the poppied plain, Their... Poems - Post by : awesome - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 1122

At The Making Of Man At The Making Of Man

At The Making Of Man
First all the host of Raphael In liveries of gold, Lifted the chorus on whose rhythm The spinning spheres are rolled,-- The Seraphs of the morning calm Whose hearts are never cold. He shall be born a spirit, Part of the soul that yearns, The core of vital gladness That suffers and discerns, The stir that breaks the budding sheath When the green spring returns,-- The gist of power and patience Hid in the plasmic clay, The calm behind the senses, The passionate essay To... Poems - Post by : Jalmin - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3392

The Angels Of Man The Angels Of Man

The Angels Of Man
The word of the Lord of the outer worlds Went forth on the deeps of space, That Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Should stand before his face, The seraphs of his threefold will, Each in his ordered place. Brave Michael, the right hand of God, Strong Gabriel, his voice, Fair Rafael, his holy breath That makes the world rejoice,-- Archangels of omnipotence, Of knowledge, and of choice; Michael, angel of loveliness In all things that survive, And Gabriel, whose part it is To ponder and contrive, And... Poems - Post by : ezmktg - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3944

The Sending Of The Magi The Sending Of The Magi

The Sending Of The Magi
In a far Eastern country It happened long of yore, Where a lone and level sunrise Flushes the desert floor, That three kings sat together And a spearman kept the door. Caspar, whose wealth was counted By city and caravan; With Melchior, the seer Who read the starry plan; And Balthasar, the blameless, Who loved his fellow man. There while they talked, a sudden Strange rushing sound arose, And as with startled faces They thought upon their foes, Three figures stood before them In... Poems - Post by : coyome - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 1050

The Wise Men From The East The Wise Men From The East

The Wise Men From The East
(A LITTLE BOY'S CHRISTMAS LESSON) Why were the Wise Men three, Instead of five or seven?" They had to match, you see, The archangels in Heaven. God sent them, sure and swift, By his mysterious presage, To bear the threefold gift And take the threefold message. Thus in their hands were seen The gold of purest Beauty, The myrrh of Truth all-clean, The frankincense of Duty. And thus they bore away The loving heart's great treasure, And knowledge clear as day, To be our life's... Poems - Post by : geo99 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 1739

Christmas Song Christmas Song

Christmas Song
Above the weary waiting world, Asleep in chill despair, There breaks a sound of joyous bells Upon the frosted air. And o'er the humblest rooftree, lo, A star is dancing on the snow. What makes the yellow star to dance Upon the brink of night? What makes the breaking dawn to glow So magically bright,-- And all the earth to be renewed With infinite beatitude? The singing bells, the throbbing star, The sunbeams on the snow, And the awakening heart that leaps New ecstasy to know,--... Poems - Post by : charles - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 4167

A Christmas Eve Choral A Christmas Eve Choral

A Christmas Eve Choral
Halleluja! What sound is this across the dark While all the earth is sleeping? Hark! Halleluja! Halleluja! Halleluja! Why are thy tender eyes so bright, Mary, Mary? On the prophetic deep of night Joseph, Joseph, I see the borders of the light, And in the day that is to be An aureoled man-child I see, Great love's son, Joseph. Halleluja! He hears not, but she hears afar, The Minstrel Angel of the star. Halleluja! Halleluja! Halleluja! Why is thy gentle... Poems - Post by : Essie - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 1822

The Twelfth Night Star The Twelfth Night Star

The Twelfth Night Star
It is the bitter time of year When iron is the ground, With hasp and sheathing of black ice The forest lakes are bound, The world lies snugly under snow, Asleep without a sound. All the night long in trooping squares The sentry stars go by, The silent and unwearying hosts That bear man company, And with their pure enkindling fires Keep vigils lone and high. Through the dead hours before the dawn, When the frost snaps the sill, From chestnut-wooded ridge to sea The earth... Poems - Post by : dtyler - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 2348

Winter Twilight Winter Twilight

Winter Twilight
Along the wintry skyline, Crowning the rocky crest, Stands the bare screen of hardwood trees Against the saffron west,-- Its gray and purple network Of branching tracery Outspread upon the lucent air, Like weed within the sea. The scarlet robe of autumn Renounced and put away, The mystic Earth is fairer still,-- A Puritan in gray. The spirit of the winter, How tender, how austere! Yet all the ardor of the spring And summer's dream are here. Fear not, O timid lover, The touch... Poems - Post by : P9rob - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3477

Winter Streams Winter Streams

Winter Streams
Now the little rivers go Muffled safely under snow, And the winding meadow streams Murmur in their wintry dreams, While a tinkling music wells Faintly from there icy bells, Telling how their hearts are bold Though the very sun be cold. Ah, but wait until the rain Comes a-sighing once again, Sweeping softly from the Sound Over ridge and meadow ground! Then the little streams will hear April calling far and near,-- Slip their snowy bands and run Sparkling in the welcome sun.(The end)Bliss Carman's poem:... Poems - Post by : michnor - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 2096

A Winter Piece A Winter Piece

A Winter Piece
Over the rim of a lacquered bowl, Where a cold blue water-color stands, I see the wintry breakers roll And heave their froth up the freezing sands. Here in immunity safe and dull, Soul treads her circuit of trivial things. There soul's brother, a shining gull, Dares the rough weather on dauntless wings.(The end)Bliss Carman's poem: Winter Piece... Poems - Post by : chriscafe - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 2540

Winter Winter

When winter comes along the river line And Earth has put away her green attire, With all the pomp of her autumnal pride, The world is made a sanctuary old, Where Gothic trees uphold the arch of gray, And gaunt stone fences on the ridge's crest Stand like carved screens before a crimson shrine, Showing the sunset glory through the chinks. There, like a nun with frosty breath, the soul, Uplift in adoration, sees the world Transfigured to a temple of her Lord; While down the soft blue-shadowed aisles of... Poems - Post by : Aura_Yoga - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3334

Before The Snow Before The Snow

Before The Snow
Now soon, ah, very soon, I know The trumpets of the north will blow, And the great winds will come to bring The pale, wild riders of the snow. Darkening the sun with level flight, At arrowy speed, they will alight, Unnumbered as the desert sands, To bivouac on the edge of night. Then I, within their somber ring, Shall hear a voice that seems to sing, Deep, deep within my tranquil heart, The valiant prophecy of spring.(The end)Bliss Carman's poem: Before The Snow... Poems - Post by : stevelundborg - Date : October 2011 - Author : Bliss Carman - Read : 3701