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Winter-break Winter-break

All day between high-curded clouds the sun Shone down like summer on the steaming planks. The long, bright icicles in dwindling ranks Dripped from the murmuring eaves till one by one They fell. As if the spring had now begun, The quilted snow, sun-softened to the core, Loosened and shunted with a sudden roar From downward roofs. Not even with day done Had ceased the sound of waters, but all night I heard it. In my dreams forgetfully bright Methought I wandered in the April woods, Where many a silver-piping sparrow was, By gurgling brooks and spouting solitudes, And stooped, and... Poems - Post by : herriott51 - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2001

Amor Vitae Amor Vitae

Amor Vitae
I love the warm bare earth and all That works and dreams thereon: I love the seasons yet to fall: I love the ages gone, The valleys with the sheeted grain, The river's smiling might, The merry wind, the rustling rain, The vastness of the night. I love the morning's flame, the steep Where down the vapour clings: I love the clouds that float and sleep, And every bird that sings. I love the purple shower that pours On far-off fields at even: I love the pine-wood... Poems - Post by : cajunX - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2609

The Woodcutter's Hut The Woodcutter's Hut

The Woodcutter's Hut
Far up in the wild and wintery hills in the heart of the cliff-broken woods, Where the mounded drifts lie soft and deep in the noiseless solitudes, The hut of the lonely woodcutter stands, a few rough beams that show A blunted peak and a low black line, from the glittering waste of snow. In the frost-still dawn from his roof goes up in the windless, motionless air, The thin, pink curl of leisurely smoke; through the forest white and bare The woodcutter follows his narrow trail, and the morning rings and cracks With the rhythmic jet of his sharp-blown breath... Poems - Post by : littlebit - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 1477

Winter Evening Winter Evening

Winter Evening
To-night the very horses springing by Toss gold from whitened nostrils. In a dream The streets that narrow to the westward gleam Like rows of golden palaces; and high From all the crowded chimneys tower and die A thousand aureoles. Down in the west The brimming plains beneath the sunset rest, One burning sea of gold. Soon, soon shall fly The glorious vision, and the hours shall feel A mightier master; soon from height to height, With silence and the sharp unpitying stars, Stern creeping frosts, and winds that touch like steel, Out of the depth beyond the eastern bars, Glittering... Poems - Post by : Scherif - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 3493

The Mystery Of A Year The Mystery Of A Year

The Mystery Of A Year
A little while, a year agone, I knew her for a romping child, A dimple and a glance that shone With idle mischief when she smiled. To-day she passed me in the press, And turning with a quick surprise I wondered at her stateliness, I wondered at her altered eyes. To me the street was just the same, The people and the city's stir; But life had kindled into flame, And all the world was changed for her. I watched her in the crowded ways, A noble... Poems - Post by : ClickBankJen - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 1893

Vivia Perpetua Vivia Perpetua

Vivia Perpetua
Now being on the eve of death, discharged From every mortal hope and earthly care, I questioned how my soul might best employ This hand, and this still wakeful flame of mind, In the brief hours yet left me for their use; Wherefore have I bethought me of my friend, Of you, Philarchus, and your company, Yet wavering in the faith and unconfirmed; Perchance that I may break into thine heart Some sorrowful channel for the love divine, I make this simple record of our proof In diverse sufferings for the name of Christ, Whereof the end already for the most... Poems - Post by : FasTrac - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 1566

The Autumn Waste The Autumn Waste

The Autumn Waste
There is no break in all the wide grey sky, Nor light on any field, and the wind grieves, And talks of death. Where cold grey waters lie Round greyer stones, and the new-fallen leaves Heap the chill hollows of the naked woods, A lisping moan, an inarticulate cry, Creeps far among the charnel solitudes, Numbing the waste with mindless misery. In these bare paths, these melancholy lands, What dream, or flesh, could ever have been young? What lovers have gone forth with linked hands? What flowers could ever have bloomed, what birds have sung? Life, hopes, and human things seem... Poems - Post by : 62495 - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 3328

We Too Shall Sleep We Too Shall Sleep

We Too Shall Sleep
Not, not for thee, Beloved child, the burning grasp of life Shall bruise the tender soul. The noise, and strife, And clamour of midday thou shall not see; But wrapt for ever in thy quiet grave, Too little to have known the earthly lot, Time's clashing hosts above thine innocent head, Wave upon wave, Shall break, or pass as with an army's tread, And harm thee not. A few short years We of the living flesh and restless brain Shall plumb the deeps of life and know the strain, The fleeting gleams of joy, the fruitless tears; And then at last... Poems - Post by : jonny_fox - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2918

White Pansies White Pansies

White Pansies
Day and night pass over, rounding, Star and cloud and sun, Things of drift and shadow, empty Of my dearest one. Soft as slumber was my baby, Beaming bright and sweet; Daintier than bloom or jewel Were his hands and feet. He was mine, mine all, mine only, Mine and his the debt; Earth and Life and Time are changers; I shall not forget. Pansies for my dear one--heartsease-- Set them gently so; For his stainless lips and forehead, Pansies white as snow. Would that... Poems - Post by : keilo - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2350

The Better Day The Better Day

The Better Day
Harsh thoughts, blind angers, and fierce hands, That keep this restless world at strife, Mean passions that, like choking sands, Perplex the stream of life, Pride and hot envy and cold greed, The cankers of the loftier will, What if ye triumph, and yet bleed? Ah, can ye not be still? Oh, shall there be no space, no time, No century of weal in store, No freehold in a nobler clime, Where men shall strive no more? Where every motion of the heart Shall serve the spirit's... Poems - Post by : Donbaba - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 1575

Good Speech Good Speech

Good Speech
Think not, because thine inmost heart means well, Thou hast the freedom of rude speech: sweet words Are like the voices of returning birds Filling the soul with summer, or a bell That calls the weary and the sick to prayer. Even as thy thought, so let thy speech be fair.(The end)Archibald Lampman's poem: Good Speech... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 3701

An Ode To The Hills An Ode To The Hills

An Ode To The Hills
'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.'--PSALM CXXI. 1. AEons ago ye were, Before the struggling changeful race of man Wrought into being, ere the tragic stir Of human toil and deep desire began: So shall ye still remain, Lords of an elder and immutable race, When many a broad metropolis of the plain, Or thronging port by some renowned shore, Is sunk in nameless ruin, and its place Recalled no more. Empires have come and gone, And glorious cities fallen in their prime; Divine, far-echoing, names once writ in stone Have vanished in... Poems - Post by : gademir - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2868

Peccavi, Domine Peccavi, Domine

Peccavi, Domine
O Power to whom this earthly clime Is but an atom in the whole, O Poet-heart of Space and Time, O Maker and Immortal Soul, Within whose glowing rings are bound, Out of whose sleepless heart had birth The cloudy blue, the starry round, And this small miracle of earth: Who liv'st in every living thing, And all things are thy script and chart, Who rid'st upon the eagle's wing, And yearnest in the human heart; O Riddle with a single clue, Love, deathless, protean, secure, The... Poems - Post by : alphanet1 - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2180

Voices Of Earth Voices Of Earth

Voices Of Earth
We have not heard the music of the spheres, The song of star to star, but there are sounds More deep than human joy and human tears, That Nature uses in her common rounds; The fall of streams, the cry of winds that strain The oak, the roaring of the sea's surge, might Of thunder breaking afar off, or rain That falls by minutes in the summer night. These are the voices of earth's secret soul, Uttering the mystery from which she came. To him who hears them grief beyond control, Or joy inscrutable without a name, Wakes in his heart... Poems - Post by : ClickBankJen - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 3565

Sapphics Sapphics

Clothed in splendour, beautifully sad and silent, Comes the autumn over the woods and highlands, Golden, rose-red, full of divine remembrance, Full of foreboding. Soon the maples, soon will the glowing birches, Stripped of all that summer and love had dowered them, Dream, sad-limbed, beholding their pomp and treasure Ruthlessly scattered: Yet they quail not: Winter with wind and iron Comes and finds them silent and uncomplaining, Finds them tameless, beautiful still and gracious, Gravely enduring. Me... Poems - Post by : 48896 - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2620

A Thunderstorm A Thunderstorm

A Thunderstorm
A moment the wild swallows like a flight Of withered gust-caught leaves, serenely high, Toss in the windrack up the muttering sky. The leaves hang still. Above the weird twilight, The hurrying centres of the storm unite And spreading with huge trunk and rolling fringe, Each wheeled upon its own tremendous hinge Tower darkening on. And now from heaven's height With the long roar of elm-trees swept and swayed, And pelted waters, on the vanished plain Plunges the blast. Behind the wild white flash That splits abroad the pealing thunder-crash, Over bleared fields and gardens disarrayed, Column on column comes the... Poems - Post by : Johnnee - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 1959

Among The Orchards Among The Orchards

Among The Orchards
Already in the dew-wrapped vineyards dry Dense weights of heat press down. The large bright drops Shrink in the leaves. From dark acacia tops The nuthatch flings his short reiterate cry; And ever as the sun mounts hot and high Thin voices crowd the grass. In soft long strokes The wind goes murmuring through the mountain oaks. Faint wefts creep out along the blue and die. I hear far in among the motionless trees-- Shadows that sleep upon the shaven sod-- The thud of dropping apples. Reach on reach Stretch plots of perfumed orchard the bees Murmur among the full-fringed... Poems - Post by : jcebay - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2716

The Land Of Pallas The Land Of Pallas

The Land Of Pallas
Methought I journeyed along ways that led for ever Throughout a happy land where strife and care were dead, And life went by me flowing like a placid river Past sandy eyots where the shifting shoals make head. A land where beauty dwelt supreme, and right, the donor Of peaceful days; a land of equal gifts and deeds, Of limitless fair fields and plenty had with honour; A land of kindly tillage and untroubled meads, Of gardens, and great fields, and dreaming rose-wreathed alleys, Wherein at dawn and dusk the vesper... Poems - Post by : dollar - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 2949

To The Prophetic Soul To The Prophetic Soul

To The Prophetic Soul
What are these bustlers at the gate Of now or yesterday, These playthings in the hand of Fate, That pass, and point no way; These clinging bubbles whose mock fires For ever dance and gleam, Vain foam that gathers and expires Upon the world's dark stream; These gropers betwixt right and wrong, That seek an unknown goal, Most ignorant, when they seem most strong; What are they, then, O Soul, That thou shouldst covet overmuch A tenderer range of heart, And yet at every dreamed-of touch... Poems - Post by : bhaggett - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 3728

The Clearer Self The Clearer Self

The Clearer Self
Before me grew the human soul, And after I am dead and gone, Through grades of effort and control The marvellous work shall still go on. Each mortal in his little span Hath only lived, if he have shown What greatness there can be in man Above the measured and the known; How through the ancient layers of night, In gradual victory secure, Grows ever with increasing light The Energy serene and pure: The Soul, that from a monstrous past, From age to age, from hour to... Poems - Post by : mr.shih - Date : June 2011 - Author : Archibald Lampman - Read : 1230