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Saint Andrew's Night Saint Andrew's Night

Saint Andrew's Night
It is commonly believed in Germany that on St. Andrew's night, St. Thomas' night, and Christmas and New Year's nights, a girl has the power of inviting and seeing her future lover. A table is to be laid for two persons, taking care, however, that there are no forks upon it. Whatever the lover leaves behind him must be carefully preserved, for he then returns to her who has it, and loves her passionately. The article must, however, be kept carefully concealed from his sight, for he would otherwise remember the torture of superhuman power exercised over him which he that... Short Stories - Post by : castlebrake - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2250

The Sturgeon The Sturgeon

The Sturgeon
The Convent of Schwartz-Rheindorf was founded in the year of our Lord 1152 by the Bishop of Cologne, Arnold Graf von Wied, for the reception of noble ladies alone, and was placed by him under the strict rule of St. Benedict. The prelate, who died in the year 1159, lies buried beneath the high altar of the church. Among the many other rights and privileges conferred on the convent by the Bishop was the right of fishing in the river, within certain limits above and below the convent's territorial boundaries. This was a most valuable right for a long period. The... Short Stories - Post by : joannent - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 4475

The White Maiden The White Maiden

The White Maiden
It is now centuries since a young noble of the neighbourhood was hunting in the valleys which lie behind the hills that skirt the Rhine opposite the ancient town of St. Goar. In the heat of the pursuit he followed the game to the foot of the acclivity on which are seated the ruins of Thurnberg, and there it disappeared all at once from his view. It was the noon of a midsummer day, and the sun shone down on him with all its strength. Despairing of being able to find the object of his pursuit, he determined to clamber up... Short Stories - Post by : netmanec - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2210

Doctor All-wise Doctor All-wise

Doctor All-wise
There was a poor peasant, named Crab, who once drove two oxen, with a load of wood, into the city, and there sold it for two dollars to a doctor. The doctor counted out the money to him as he sat at dinner, and the peasant, seeing how well he fared, yearned to live like him, and would needs be a doctor too. He stood a little while in thought, and at last asked if he could not become a doctor. "Oh yes," said the doctor, "that may be easily managed. In the first place you must purchase an A, B,... Short Stories - Post by : kangaroo - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2509

The Monks At The Ferry The Monks At The Ferry

The Monks At The Ferry
From time immemorial a ferry has existed from Andernach to the opposite side of the Rhine. Formerly it was more in use than at present, there being then a greater intercourse between the two shores of the river, much of which might be traced to the Convent of St. Thomas, once the most important and flourishing nunnery on the river. Close by this ferry, on the margin of the Rhine, but elevated somewhat above the level of the water, stands a long, roofless, ruinous building, the remains of the castle of Friedrichstein, better known, however, to the peasantry, and to all... Short Stories - Post by : zamrony - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 3603

The Flaming Castle The Flaming Castle

The Flaming Castle
Upon a high mountain in the Tyrol there stands an old castle, in which there burns a fire every night, and the flashes of that fire are so large that they rise up over the walls, and may be seen far and wide. It happened once that an old woman in want of firewood was gathering the fallen twigs and branches upon this castle-crowned mountain, and at length arrived at the castle door. To indulge her curiosity she began peering about her, and at last entered, not without difficulty, for it was all in ruins and not easily accessible. When she... Short Stories - Post by : The_Biz_Net - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 1702

The Waits Of Bremen The Waits Of Bremen

The Waits Of Bremen
An honest farmer had once an ass that had been a faithful hard-working slave to him for a great many years, but was now growing old, and every day more and more unfit for work. His master therefore was tired of keeping him to live at ease like a gentleman, and so began to think of putting an end to him. The ass, who was a shrewd hand, saw that some mischief was in the wind, so he took himself slily off, and began his journey towards Bremen. "There," thought he to himself, "as I have a good voice, I may... Short Stories - Post by : WhatThe - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2060

Hans Jagenteufel Hans Jagenteufel

Hans Jagenteufel
It is commonly believed that if any person is guilty of a crime for which he deserves to lose his head, he will, if he escape punishment during his lifetime, be condemned after his death to wander about with his head under his arm. In the year 1644 a woman of Dresden went out early one Sunday morning into a neighbouring wood for the purpose of collecting acorns. In an open space, at a spot not very far from the place which is called the Lost Water, she heard somebody blow a very strong blast upon a hunting-horn, and immediately afterwards... Short Stories - Post by : ninad_date - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 1951

The Goose-girl The Goose-girl

The Goose-girl
The king of a great land died, and left his queen to take care of their only child. This child was a daughter, who was very beautiful, and her mother loved her dearly and was very kind to her. When she grew up, she was betrothed to a prince who lived a great way off; and as the time drew near for her to be married, she got ready to set off on her journey to his country. The queen, her mother, packed up a great many costly things--jewels, gold and silver trinkets, fine dresses, and, in short, everything that became... Short Stories - Post by : bunky - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 4307

The Alraun The Alraun

The Alraun
It is a well-known tradition near Magdeburg, that when a man who is a thief by inheritance,--that is to say, whose father and grandfather and great-grandfather before him, three generations of his family, have been thieves; or whose mother has committed a theft, or been possessed with an intense longing to steal something at the time immediately preceding his birth; it is the tradition that if such a man should be hanged, at the foot of the gallows whereon his last breath was exhaled will spring up a plant of hideous form known as the Alraun or Gallows Mannikin. It is... Short Stories - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2613

The Hunter Hackelnberg And The Tut-osel The Hunter Hackelnberg And The Tut-osel

The Hunter Hackelnberg And The Tut-osel
The Wild Huntsman, Hackelnberg, traverses the Hartz mountains and the Thuringian forest, but he seems mostly to prefer the Hakel, from which place he derives his name, and especially the neighbourhood of Dummburg. Ofttimes is he heard at night, in rain and storm, when the moonlight is breaking by fits and starts through the troubled sky, following with his hounds the shadows of the wild beasts he slew in days of yore. His retinue generally proceed from the Dummburg, straight over the Hakel to the now desolate village of Ammendorf. He has only been seen by a few children, who, having... Short Stories - Post by : nadia - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 3260

Legends Of Rubezahl, Or Number-nip Legends Of Rubezahl, Or Number-nip

Legends Of Rubezahl, Or Number-nip
Once upon a time a glazier who was travelling across the mountains, feeling very tired from the heavy load of glass which he was carrying, began to look about to discover a place where he might rest it. Rubezahl, who had been watching for some time, no sooner saw this than he changed himself into a little mound, which the glazier not long afterwards discovered in his way, and on which, well pleased, he proposed to seat himself. But his joy was not of long continuance, for he had not sat there many minutes before the heap vanished from under him... Short Stories - Post by : chrischoi - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 3755

The Conclave Of Corpses The Conclave Of Corpses

The Conclave Of Corpses
Some three hundred years since, when the convent of Kreutzberg was in its glory, one of the monks who dwelt therein, wishing to ascertain something of the hereafter of those whose bodies lay all undecayed in the cemetery, visited it alone in the dead of night for the purpose of prosecuting his inquiries on that fearful subject. As he opened the trap-door of the vault a light burst from below; but deeming it to be only the lamp of the sacristan, the monk drew back and awaited his departure concealed behind the high altar. The sacristan emerged not, however, from the... Short Stories - Post by : hotlinkz - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 4256

The Elves The Elves

The Elves
The happy day at length arrived on which Count Hermann von Rosenberg was married to his beloved Catherine, a princess of the house of Gonzaca. The event was celebrated by a magnificent banquet and festival, and it was late before the Count and Countess could leave their guests. The young Countess was already asleep, and Hermann was sinking into a slumber, when he was aroused by hearing the sounds of soft and gentle music, and, the door of his apartment flying open, a joyous bridal procession entered the room. The figures engaged in this extraordinary scene were not more than two... Short Stories - Post by : jesuz99 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2691

The Jew In The Bush The Jew In The Bush

The Jew In The Bush
A faithful servant had worked hard for his master, a thrifty farmer, for three long years, and had been paid no wages. At last it came into the man's head that he would not go on thus any longer, so he went to his master and said-- "I have worked hard for you a long time, and without pay, too. I will trust you to give me what I ought to have for my trouble, but something I must have, and then I must take a holiday." The farmer was a sad miser, and knew that his man was simple-hearted, so... Short Stories - Post by : Technogeek - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 4043

Fastrada Fastrada

By the side of the "Beautiful Doorway," leading into the cloisters of the cathedral at Mainz, stands, worked into the wall, a fragment of the tomb of Fastrada, the fourth wife of the mighty monarch Charlemagne according to some authorities, the third according to others. Fastrada figures in the following tradition related by the author of the Rhyming Chronicle. When the Kaiser, Karl, abode at Zurich, he dwelt in a house called "The Hole," in front of which he caused a pillar to be erected with a bell on the top of it, to the end that whoever demanded justice should... Short Stories - Post by : LynnDomer - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 3297

Brother Merry Brother Merry

Brother Merry
In days of yore there was a war, and when it was at an end a great number of the soldiers that had been engaged in it were disbanded. Among the rest Brother Merry received his discharge, and nothing more for all he had done than a very little loaf of soldier's bread, and four halfpence in money. With these possessions he went his way. Now a saint had seated himself in the road, like a poor beggar man, and when Brother Merry came along, he asked him for charity to give him something. Then the soldier said-- "Dear beggar man,... Short Stories - Post by : Gunni - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 1636

The Arch Rogue The Arch Rogue

The Arch Rogue
There once lived, years ago, a man known only by the name of the Arch Rogue. By dint of skill in the black art, and all arts of imposition, he drove a more flourishing trade than all the rest of the sorcerers of the age. It was his delight to travel from one country to another merely to play upon mankind, and no living soul was secure, either in house or field, nor could properly call them his own. Now his great reputation for these speedy methods of possessing himself of others' property excited the envy of a certain king of... Short Stories - Post by : bosun1 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 3606

The Little Shroud The Little Shroud

The Little Shroud
There was once a woman who had a little son of about seven years old, who was so lovely and beautiful that no one could look upon him without being kind to him, and he was dearer to her than all the world beside. It happened that he suddenly fell ill and died, and his mother would not be comforted, but wept for him day and night. Shortly after he was buried he showed himself at night in the places where he had been used in his lifetime to sit and play, and if his mother wept, he wept also, and... Short Stories - Post by : jlee4998 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2681

The Dancers The Dancers

The Dancers
The Sabbath-day drew to a close in the summer-tide of the year of grace one thousand and one, and the rustics of Ramersdorf amused themselves with a dance, as was their wont to do, in the courtyard of the monastery. It was a privilege that they had enjoyed time immemorial, and it had never been gainsaid by the abbots who were dead and gone, but Anselm von Lowenberg, the then superior of the convent, an austere, ascetic man, who looked with disdain and dislike on all popular recreations, had long set his face against it, and had, moreover, tried every means... Short Stories - Post by : LilWendy - Date : November 2011 - Author : Anonymous - Read : 2918