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For The Future For The Future

For The Future
I wonder did you ever countThe value of one human fate;Or sum the infinite amountOf one heart's treasures, and the weightOf Life's one venture, and the whole concentrate purpose of a soul.And if you ever paused to thinkThat all this in your hands I laidWithout a fear:- did you not shrinkFrom such a burthen? half afraid,Half wishing that you could divide the risk, or cast it all aside.While Love has daily perils, suchAs none foresee and none control;And hearts are strung so that one touch,Careless or rough, may jar the whole,You well might feel afraid to reign with absolute power of... Poems - Post by : galaxyvs - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1888

Past And Present Past And Present

Past And Present
"Linger," I cried, "oh radiant Time! thy powerHas nothing more to give; life is complete:Let but the perfect Present, hour by hour,Itself remember and itself repeat."And Love,--the future can but mar its splendour,Change can but dim the glory of its youth;Time has no star more faithful or more tender,To crown its constancy or light its truth."But Time passed on in spite of prayer or pleading,Through storm and peril; but that life might gainA Peace through strife all other peace exceeding,Fresh joy from sorrow, and new hope from pain.And since Love lived when all save Love was dying,And, passed through fire, grew... Poems - Post by : 2kooll - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 3462

Two Loves Two Loves

Two Loves
Deep within my heart of hearts, dear,Bound with all its strings,Two Loves are together reigningBoth are crowned like Kings;While my life, still uncomplaining,Rests beneath their wings.So they both will rule my heart, dear,Till it cease to beat;No sway can be deeper, stronger,Truer, more complete;Growing, as it lasts the longer,Sweeter, and more sweet.One all life and time transfigures,Piercing through and throughMeaner things with magic splendour,Old, yet ever new:This,--so strong and yet so tender,--Is . . . my Love for you.Should it fail,--forgive my doubtingIn this world of pain,--Yet my other Love would everSteadfastly remain;And I know that I could neverTurn to that... Poems - Post by : gbrown - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1507

Hearts Hearts

I.A trinket made like a Heart, dear,Of red gold, bright and fine,Was given to me for a keepsake,Given to me for mine.And another heart, warm and tender,As true as a heart could be;And every throb that stirred itWas always and all for me.Sailing over the waters,Watching the far blue land,I dropped my golden heart, dear,Dropped it out of my hand!It lies in the cold blue waters,Fathoms and fathoms deep,The golden heart which I promised,Promised to prize and keep.Gazing at Life's bright visions,So false, and fair, and new,I forgot the other heart, dear,Forgot it and lost it too!I might seek that heart... Poems - Post by : djsmoney - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 4009

The Inner Chamber The Inner Chamber

The Inner Chamber
In the outer Court I was singing,Was singing the whole day long;From the inner chamber were ringingEchoes repeating my song.And I sang till it grew immortal;For that very song of mine,When re-echoed behind the Portal,Was filled with a life divine.Was the Chamber a silver roundOf arches, whose magical artDrew in coils of musical sound,And cast them back on my heart?Was there hidden within a lyreWhich, as air breathed over its strings,Filled my song with a soul of fire,And sent back my words with wings?Was some seraph imprisoned there,Whose voice made my song complete,And whose lingering, soft despair,Made the echo so faint... Poems - Post by : lcash - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1910

Evening Hymn Evening Hymn

Evening Hymn
The shadows of the evening hoursFall from the darkening sky;Upon the fragrance of the flowersThe dews of evening lie:Before Thy throne, O Lord of Heaven,We kneel at close of day;Look on Thy children from on high,And hear us while we pray.The sorrows of Thy Servants, Lord,Oh, do not Thou despise;But let the incense of our prayersBefore Thy mercy rise;The brightness of the coming nightUpon the darkness rolls:With hopes of future glory chaseThe shadows on our souls.Slowly the rays of daylight fade;So fade within our heart,The hopes in earthly love and joy,That one by one depart:Slowly the bright stars, one by one,Within... Poems - Post by : ram89410 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 3782

The Angel's Bidding The Angel's Bidding

The Angel's Bidding
Not a sound is heard in the Convent;The Vesper Chant is sung,The sick have all been tended,The poor nun's toils are endedTill the Matin bell has rung.All is still, save the Clock, that is tickingSo loud in the frosty air,And the soft snow, falling as gentlyAs an answer to a prayer.But an Angel whispers, "Oh, Sister,You must rise from your bed to pray;In the silent, deserted chapel,You must kneel till the dawn of day;For, far on the desolate moorland,So dreary, and bleak, and white,There is one, all alone and helpless,In peril of death to-night."No sound on the moorland to guide him,No... Poems - Post by : trhaffey - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1297

The Bride's Dream The Bride's Dream

The Bride's Dream
The stars are gleaming;The maiden sleeps--What is she dreaming?For see--she weeps.By her side is an AngelWith folded wings;While the Maiden slumbersThe Angel sings:He sings of a Bridal,Of Love, of Pain,Of a heart to be given,--And all in vain;(See, her cheek is flushing,As if with pain;)He telleth of sorrow,Regrets and fears,And the few vain pleasuresWe buy with tears;And the bitter lessonWe learn from years.The stars are gleamingUpon her brow:What is she dreamingSo calmly now?By her side is the AngelWith folded wings;She smiles in her slumberThe while he sings.He sings of a Bridal,Of Love divine;Of a heart to be laidOn a sacred shrine;Of... Poems - Post by : router - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 4031

The Story Of The Faithful Soul The Story Of The Faithful Soul

The Story Of The Faithful Soul
FOUNDED ON AN OLD FRENCH LEGENDThe fettered Spirits lingerIn purgatorial pain,With penal fires effacingTheir last faint earthly stain,Which Life's imperfect sorrowHad tried to cleanse in vain.Yet on each feast of MaryTheir sorrow finds release,For the Great Archangel MichaelComes down and bids it cease;And the name of these brief respitesIs called "Our Lady's Peace."Yet once--so runs the Legend--When the Archangel cameAnd all these holy spiritsRejoiced at Mary's name;One voice alone was wailing,Still wailing on the same.And though a great Te DeumThe happy echoes woke,This one discordant wailingThrough the sweet voices broke;So when St. Michael questioned,Thus the poor spirit spoke:-"I am not cold... Poems - Post by : fastlane - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 3558

Our Dead Our Dead

Our Dead
Nothing is our own: we hold our pleasuresJust a little while, ere they are fled:One by one life robs us of our treasures;Nothing is our own except our Dead.They are ours, and hold in faithful keepingSafe for ever, all they took away.Cruel life can never stir that sleeping,Cruel time can never seize that prey.Justice pales; truth fades; stars fall from Heaven;Human are the great whom we revere:No true crown of honour can be given,Till we place it on a funeral bier.How the Children leave us: and no tracesLinger of that smiling angel band;Gone, for ever gone; and in their places,Weary men... Poems - Post by : Jakob - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 3339

An Ideal An Ideal

An Ideal
While the grey mists of early dawnWere lingering round the hill,And the dew was still upon the flowers,And the earth lay calm and still,A winged Spirit came to meNoble, and radiant, and free.Folding his blue and shining wings,He laid his hand on mine.I know not if I felt, or heardThe mystic word divine,Which woke the trembling air to sighs,And shone from out his starry eyes.The word he spoke, within my heartStirred life unknown before,And cast a spell upon my soulTo chain it evermore;Making the cold dull earth look bright,And skies flame out in sapphire light.When noon ruled from the heavens, and... Poems - Post by : goldsto - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 2245

Three Evenings In A Life Three Evenings In A Life

Three Evenings In A Life
I.I.Yes, it looked dark and dreary,That long and narrow street:Only the sound of the rain,And the tramp of passing feet,The duller glow of the fire,And gathering mists of nightTo mark how slow and wearyThe long day's cheerless flight!II.Watching the sullen fire,Hearing the dismal rain,Drop after drop, run downOn the darkening window-pane:Chill was the heart of Alice,Chill as that winter day,--For the star of her life had risenOnly to fade away.III.The voice that had been so strongTo bid the snare depart,The true and earnest will,The calm and steadfast heart,Were now weighed down by sorrow,Were quivering now with pain;The clear path now seemed... Poems - Post by : sdj_inc - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 2029

A Remembrance Of Autumn A Remembrance Of Autumn

A Remembrance Of Autumn
Nothing stirs the sunny silence,--Save the drowsy humming of the beesRound the rich, ripe peaches on the wall,And the south wind sighing in the trees,And the dead leaves rustling as they fall:While the swallows, one by one, are gathering,All impatient to be on the wing,And to wander from us, seekingTheir beloved Spring!Cloudless rise the azure heavens!Only vaporous wreaths of snowy whiteNestle in the grey hill's rugged side;And the golden woods are bathed in light,Dying, if they must, with kingly pride:While the swallows in the blue air wheeling,Circle now an eager fluttering band,Ready to depart and leave usFor a brighter land!But a... Poems - Post by : davebrown - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1304

Unseen Unseen

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than weCan dream of, or than nature understands;We learn not through our poor philosophyWhat hidden chords are touched by unseen hands.The present hour repeats upon its stringsEchoes of some vague dream we have forgot;Dim voices whisper half-remembered things,And when we pause to listen,--answer not.Forebodings come: we know not how, or whence,Shadowing a nameless fear upon the soul,And stir within our hearts a subtler sense,Than light may read, or wisdom may control.And who can tell what secret links of thoughtBind heart to heart? Unspoken things are heard,As if within our deepest selves was... Poems - Post by : wealthget - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 2430

A Comforter A Comforter

A Comforter
I.Will she come to me, little Effie,Will she come in my arms to rest,And nestle her head on my shoulder,While the sun goes down in the west?II."I and Effie will sit together,All alone, in this great arm-chair:-Is it silly to mind it, darling,When Life is so hard to bear?III."No one comforts me like my Effie,Just I think that she does not try,--Only looks with a wistful wonderWhy grown people should ever cry;IV."While her little soft arms close tighterRound my neck in their clinging hold:-Well, I must not cry on your hair, dear,For my tears might tarnish the gold.V."I am tired of... Poems - Post by : 2Bumz - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1781

The Warrior To His Dead Bride The Warrior To His Dead Bride

The Warrior To His Dead Bride
If in the fight my arm was strong,And forced my foes to yield,If conquering and unhurt I cameBack from the battle-field--It is because thy prayers have beenMy safeguard and my shield.My comrades smile to see my armSpare or protect a foe,They think thy gentle pleading voiceWas silenced long ago;But pity and compassion, love,Were taught me first by woe.Thy heart, my own, still beats in HeavenWith the same love divineThat made thee stoop to such a soul,So hard, so stern, as mine--My eyes have learnt to weep, beloved,Since last they looked on thine.I hear thee murmur words of peaceThrough the dim midnight... Poems - Post by : samkzohaibb - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 3476

If Thou Couldst Know If Thou Couldst Know

If Thou Couldst Know
I think if thou couldst know,Oh soul that will complain,What lies concealed belowOur burden and our pain;How just our anguish bringsNearer those longed-for thingsWe seek for now in vain,--I think thou wouldst rejoice, and not complain.I think if thou couldst see,With thy dim mortal sight,How meanings, dark to thee,Are shadows hiding light;Truth's efforts crossed and vexed,Life's purpose all perplexed,--If thou couldst see them right,I think that they would seem all clear, and wise, and bright.And yet thou canst not know,And yet thou canst not see;Wisdom and sight are slowIn poor humanity.If thou couldst trust, poor soul,In Him who rules the whole,Thou... Poems - Post by : MarkJoyner - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1924

Discouraged Discouraged

Where the little babbling streamletFirst springs forth to light,Trickling through soft velvet mosses,Almost hid from sight;Vowed I with delight,--"River, I will follow thee,Through thy wanderings to the Sea!"Gleaming 'mid the purple heather,Downward then it sped,Glancing through the mountain gorges,Like a silver thread,As it quicker fled,Louder music in its flow,Dashing to the Vale below.Then its voice grew lower, gentler,And its pace less fleet,Just as though it loved to lingerRound the rushes' feet,As they stooped to meetTheir clear images below,Broken by the ripples' flow.Purple Willow-herb bent overTo her shadow fair;Meadow-sweet, in feathery clusters,Perfumed all the air;Silver-weed was there,And in one calm, grassy spot,Starry,... Poems - Post by : timerway - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1302

A Changeling A Changeling

A Changeling
A little changeling spiritCrept to my arms one day:I had no heart or courageTo drive the child away.So all day long I soothed her,And hushed her on my breast;And all night long her wailingWould never let me rest.I dug a grave to hold her,A grave both dark and deep;I covered her with violets,And laid her there to sleep.I used to go and watch there,Both night and morning too:-It was my tears, I fancy,That kept the violets blue.I took her up: and once moreI felt the clinging hold,And heard the ceaseless wailingThat wearied me of old.I wandered, and I wandered,With my burden... Poems - Post by : ceevee - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 2548

Light And Shade Light And Shade

Light And Shade
Thou hast done well to kneel and say,"Since He who gave can take away,And bid me suffer, I obey."And also well to tell thy heartThat good lies in the bitterest part,And thou wilt profit by her smart.But bitter hours come to all:When even truths like these will pall,Sick hearts for humbler comfort call.Then I would have thee strive to seeThat good and evil come to thee,As one of a great family.And as material life is planned,That even the loneliest one must standDependent on his brother's hand;So links more subtle and more fineBind every other soul to thineIn one great brotherhood divine.Nor... Poems - Post by : fotocom - Date : August 2011 - Author : Adelaide Anne Procter - Read : 1234