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Wilt Pray For Me? Wilt Pray For Me?

Wilt Pray For Me?
Wilt pray for me? They tell me I have Fame;I plead with thee, Sometimes just fold my nameIn beautiful "Hail Marys"! And you give me more Than all the world besides.It praises Poets for the well-sung lay;But ah! it hath forgotten how to pray. It brings to brows of Poets crowns of Pride; Some win such crowns and wear; Give me, instead, a simple little Prayer.(The end)Abram Joseph Ryan's poem: Wilt Pray For Me?... Poems - Post by : Luiggi - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1955

The Poet Priest The Poet Priest

The Poet Priest
~Not~ as of one whom multitudes ~admire~, I believe they call him great;They throng to hear him with a strange desire; They, silent, come and wait, And wonder when he opens wide the gateOf some strange, inner temple the fireIs lit on many altars of many dreams --They wait to catch the gleams -- And then they say,In praiseful words: "'Tis beautiful and grand." And so his wayIs strewn with many flowers, sweet and fair; And people say:"How happy he... Poems - Post by : LarryY - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 2861

The Child Of The Poet The Child Of The Poet

The Child Of The Poet
The sunshine of thy Father's fame Sleeps in the shadows of thy eyes,And flashes sometimes when his name Like a lost star seeks its skies.In the horizons of thy heart His memory shines for aye,A light that never shall depart Nor lose a single ray.Thou passest thro' the crowds unknown, So gentle, so sweet, and so shy;Thy heart throbs fast and sometimes may grow low; Then alone Art the star in thy Father's sky.'Tis fame enough for thee to bear his name... Poems - Post by : gmcnclt - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3336

A Reverie - 'o Songs!' I Said A Reverie - "o Songs!" I Said

A Reverie - 'o Songs!' I Said
"O Songs!" I said:"Stop sounding in my soulJust for a little while and let me sleep,Resting my head on the breastOf Silence;" but the rhythmic rollOf a thousand songs swept on and on, And a far Voice said: "When thou art deadThy restless heart shall rest."And the songs will never let me sleep.I plead with them; but o'er the deepThey still will roll On, and on, and on, Their music never gone.Ah! world-tired soul! Just for a little while,Just like a poor, tired child Beneath its Mother's smile --Only to fall asleep!Silence! be mother to me! But -- No! No! No!... Poems - Post by : finnour - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 2859

Posthumous Poems Posthumous Poems

Posthumous Poems
In RemembranceIn the eclipses of your soul, and when you cry "O God! give more of rest and less of night," My words may rest you; and mayhap a lightShall flash from them bright o'er thy spirit's sky;Then think of me as one who passes by.A few brief hours -- a golden August day,We met, we spake -- I pass fore'er away.Let ev'ry word of mine be golden rayTo brighten thy eclipses; and then wilt prayThat he who passes thee shall meet thee yetIn the "Beyond" where souls may ne'er forget.(The end)Abram Joseph Ryan's poem: Posthumous Poems... Poems - Post by : newbizhelp - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3534

To Virginia (on Her Birthday) To Virginia (on Her Birthday)

To Virginia (on Her Birthday)
Your past is past and never to return,The long bright yesterday of life's first years,Its days are dead -- cold ashes in an urn.Some held for you a chalice for your tears,And other days strewed flowers upon your way.They all are gone beyond your reach,And thus they are beyond my speech.I know them not, so that your first gone timesTo me unknown, lie far beyond my rhymes.But I can bless your soul and aims to-day,And I can ask your future to be sweet,And I can pray that you may never meetWith any cross, you are too weak to bear.Virginia, Virgin name,... Poems - Post by : missopie - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3021

To Mr. And Mrs. A. M. T. To Mr. And Mrs. A. M. T.

To Mr. And Mrs. A. M. T.
Just when the gentle hand of spring Came fringing the trees with bud and leaf,And when the blades the warm suns bring Were given glad promise of golden sheaf;Just when the birds began to sing Joy hymns after their winter's grief,I wandered weary to a place; Tired of toil, I sought for rest,Where Nature wore her mildest grace -- I went where I was more than guest.Strange, tall trees rose as if they fain Would wear as crowns the clouds of skies;The sad winds swept with low refrain Through branches breathing softest sighs;And o'er the field and down the lane Sweet... Poems - Post by : Gabriel_Howes - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 2607

Song Of The Deathless Voice Song Of The Deathless Voice

Song Of The Deathless Voice
'Twas the dusky Hallowe'en --Hour of fairy and of wraith,When in many a dim-lit green,'Neath the stars' prophetic sheen,As the olden legend saith,All the future may be seen,And when -- an older story hath --Whate'er in life hath ever beenLoveful, hopeful, or of wrath,Cometh back upon our path.I was dreaming in my room,'Mid the shadows, still as they;Night, in veil of woven gloom,Wept and trailed her tresses grayO'er her fair, dead sister -- Day.To me from some far-awayCrept a voice -- or seemed to creep --As a wave-child of the deep,Frightened by the wild storm's roarCreeps low-sighing to the shoreVery low... Poems - Post by : talkshow - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3745

Fifty Years At The Altar Fifty Years At The Altar

Fifty Years At The Altar
"To Rev. Father E. Sourin, S.J., from A. J. Ryan; first, in memory of some happy hours passed in his company at Loyola College, Baltimore; next, in appreciation of a character of strange beautifulness, known of God, but hidden from men; and last, but by no means least, to test and tempt his humility in the (to him) proud hour of the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination."To-day -- fifty years at the altar -- Thou art, as of old, at thy post!Tell us, O chasubled soldier! Art weary of watching the Host?Fifty years -- Christ's sacred sentry, To-day thy feet faithful... Poems - Post by : Earn2005 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1219

The Immaculate Conception The Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception
Fell the snow on the festival's vigil And surpliced the city in white;I wonder who wove the pure flakelets? Ask the Virgin, or God, or the night.It fitted the Feast: 'twas a symbol, And earth wore the surplice at morn,As pure as the vale's stainless lily For Mary, the sinlessly born;For Mary, conceived in all sinlessness; And the sun, thro' the clouds of the East,With the brightest and fairest of flashes, Fringed the surplice of white for the Feast.And round the horizon hung cloudlets, Pure stoles to be worn by the Feast;While the earth and the heavens were waiting For... Poems - Post by : Focusedmindz - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1521

Sea Reverie Sea Reverie

Sea Reverie
Strange Sea! why is it that you never rest? And tell me why you never go to sleep?Thou art like one so sad and sin-oppressed -- (And the waves are the tears you weep) -- And thou didst never sin -- what ails the sinless deep?To-night I hear you crying on the beach, Like a weary child on its mother's breast --A cry with an infinite and lonesome reach Of unutterably deep unrest; And thou didst never sin -- why art thou so distressed?But, ah, sad Sea! the mother's breast is warm, Where crieth the lone and the wearied child;And soft... Poems - Post by : tress - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 2738

Sea Rest Sea Rest

Sea Rest
Far from "where the roses rest", Round the altar and the aisle,Which I loved, of all, the best -- I have come to rest awhileBy the ever-restless sea --Will its waves give rest to me?But it is so hard to part With my roses. Do they know(Who knows but each has a heart?) How it grieves my heart to go?Roses! will the restless seaBring, as ye, a rest for me?Ye were sweet and still and calm, Roses red and roses white;And ye sang a soundless psalm For me in the day and night.Roses! will the restless seaSing as sweet as... Poems - Post by : alex77 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1399

Sea Dreamings Sea Dreamings

Sea Dreamings
To-day a bird on wings as white as foam That crests the blue-gray wave,With the vesper light upon its breast, flew home Seaward. The God who gaveTo the birds the virgin-wings of snowSomehow telleth them the ways they go.Unto the Evening went the white-winged bird -- Gray clouds hung round the West --And far away the tempest's tramp was heard. The bird flew for a restAway from the grove, out to the sea --Is it only a bird's mystery?Nay! nay! lone bird! I watched thy wings of white That cleft... Poems - Post by : lansym - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1629

Better Than Gold Better Than Gold

Better Than Gold
Better than grandeur, better than gold,Than rank and titles a thousand fold,Is a healthy body and a mind at ease,And simple pleasures that always pleaseA heart that can feel for another's woe,With sympathies large enough to enfoldAll men as brothers, is better than gold.Better than gold is a conscience clear,Though toiling for bread in an humble sphere,Doubly blessed with content and health,Untried by the lusts and cares of wealth,Lowly living and lofty thoughtAdorn and ennoble a poor man's cot;For mind and morals in nature's planAre the genuine tests of a gentleman.Better than gold is the sweet reposeOf the sons of toil... Poems - Post by : Charlotte - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1956

Zeila (a Story From A Star) Zeila (a Story From A Star)

Zeila (a Story From A Star)
From the mystic sidereal spaces,In the noon of a night 'mid of May,Came a spirit that murmured to me --Or was it the dream of a dream?No! no! from the purest of places,Where liveth the highest of races,In an unfallen sphere far away(And it wore Immortality's gleam)Came a Being. Hath seen on the seaThe sheen of some silver star shimmer'Thwart shadows that fall dim and dimmerO'er a wave half in dream on the deep?It shone on me thus in my sleep.Was I sleeping? Is sleep but the closing,In the night, of our eyes from the light?Doth the spirit of... Poems - Post by : Tortuga505 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3053

New Year New Year

New Year
Each year cometh with all his days, Some are shadowed and some are bright;He beckons us on until he stays Kneeling with us 'neath Christmas night.Kneeling under the stars that gem The holy sky, o'er the humble place,When the world's sweet Child of Bethlehem Rested on Mary, full of grace.Not only the Bethlehem in the East, But altar Bethlehem everywhere,When the ~Gloria~ of the first great feast Rings forth its gladness on the air.Each year seemeth loath to go, And leave the joys of Christmas day;In lands of sun and in lands of snow, The year still longs awhile to stay.A... Poems - Post by : yrrahxob - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1948

St. Bridget St. Bridget

St. Bridget
Sweet heaven's smileGleamed o'er the isle, That gems the dreamy sea.One far gone day,And flash'd its ray,More than a thousand years away, Pure Bridget, over thee.White as the snow,That falls below To earth on Christmas night,Thy pure face shoneOn every one;For Christ's sweet grace thy heart had won To make thy birth-land bright.A cloud hangs o'erThy Erin's shore -- Ah! God, 'twas always so.Ah! virgin fairThy heaven pray'rWill help thy people in their care, And save them from their woe.Thou art in light --They are in light; Thou hast a crown -- they a chain.The very sod,Made theirs by God,Is still... Poems - Post by : Robert_J_Hardy - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3785

Feast Of The Presentation Of Mary In The Temple Feast Of The Presentation Of Mary In The Temple

Feast Of The Presentation Of Mary In The Temple
The priests stood waiting in the holy place, Impatient of delay (Isaiah had been read),When sudden up the aisle there came a face Like a lost sun's ray; And the child was ledBy Joachim and Anna. Rays of grace Shone all about the child;Simeon looked on, and bowed his aged head -- Looked on the child, and smiled.Low were the words of Joachim. He spake In a tremulous way, As if he... Poems - Post by : langdon - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 1835

Mother's Way Mother's Way

Mother's Way
Oft within our little cottage, As the shadows gently fall,While the sunlight touches softly One sweet face upon the wall,Do we gather close together, And in hushed and tender toneAsk each other's full forgiveness For the wrong that each has done.Should you wonder why this custom At the ending of the day,Eye and voice would quickly answer: "It was once our mother's way."If our home be bright and cheery, If it holds a welcome true,Opening wide its door of greeting To the many -- not the few;If we share our father's bounty With the needy day by day,'Tis because our hearts... Poems - Post by : yorkshirelad - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 3670

The Poet's Child The Poet's Child

The Poet's Child
Lines addressed to the daughter of Richard Dalton Williams.Child of the heart of a child of sweetest song! The poet's blood flows through thy fresh pure veins;Dost ever hear faint echoes float along Thy days and dreams of thy dead father's strains? Dost ever hear, In mournful times, With inner ear, The strange sweet cadences of thy father's rhymes?Child of a child of art, which Heaven doth give To few, to very few as unto him!His songs are wandering o'er the world, but live... Poems - Post by : goodoldoug - Date : September 2011 - Author : Abram Joseph Ryan - Read : 2750